What Is WWWY? WWWY Meaning. What WWWY Means?

If you are looking for what does WWWY mean, the meaning of WWWY, the acronym of WWWY, the definition of WWWY, the abbreviation of WWWY, then you are in the right platform because here we are going to provide you the WWWY slang meaning, the WWWY definition, the WWWY acronym, the WWWY abbreviation as well as how this acronym WWWY is used over the conversations.

So, then what is WWWY? For what does WWWY stand?

The abbreviation WWWY stands for “What’s Wrong With You?” which is used in the conversations like chats, messages, posts, emails etc. if someone acts something silly or stupid or nonsense or unexpected. So the acronym WWWY is used when someone gets confused by the other’s actions or when someone dislikes the other’s actions and is asking what’s exactly the other is thinking about.

Define WWWY. Meaning WWWY. Definition WWWY.

How is WWWY used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the slang word WWWY is used over the conversations are:

Daughter: I am thinking of leaving him.

Mom: WWWY my girl? He loves you so much.

Daughter: Never had time for me and children.


Boy 1: I am waiting to kick him.

Boy 2: WWWY? He is ur bro dude.


Girl: WWWY? Why are you acting so weird?

Boy: Girl I don’t like you talking to him.

Girl: Excuse me……


Boy: I want you to kiss me in a class!!!

Girl: WWWY?…………..


A: I think I am gonna leave this college.

B: Why?

A: Not liking the environment….. I guess!!!

B: WWWY man? This is the best college in town.



A: So you are going with me right?



B: Nothing…just thinking if I could.


And so on.

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