VIPLGTV Scam Alert! Don't Purchase TV from VIPLGTV

VIPLGTV Review (VIP SHES Review): Beware of (also known as VIP SHES) because VIPLGTV is a scam.

Yes, you hear us right, is a scam online store operated by the cybercriminal who owns lots of similar kinds of scam sites some of which are Ebuyea, Auate, Eaomc, KoutaeAwtoed and so on.

Well, now let's find out what is in detail within our VIP LG TV review below.

VIPLGTV complaints VIPLGTV fake or real VIPLGTV legit or fraud | De Reviews

What is VIP LG TV in real? Why is VIPLGTV a fraud site? How are VIP LG TV and similar sites are scamming the people?

# Aforementioned, VIP LG TV is a scam because it is operating by the serial scammer who has exactly similar kinds of scam sites. We can say all those similar kinds of scam sites are running by the same cybercriminal because the website theme, website script, product images, business model and so on of those websites are exactly similar.

# VIPLGTV is not authorized to sell any LG’s products and you can confirm that by contacting with LG company through their official website.

# You can find lots of complaints from the various people around the internet for not delivering them the TVs after they made a purchase from VIPLGTV as well as from all similar kinds of sites. Some people even have complained that VIP LG TV has charged their credit card randomly without their consent due to which they even canceled their credit card. Of course, we know the fact that every company has complaints but in the case of VIPLGTV, there are only complaints from its users but not any positive reviews.

So, now it is clear that VIP LG TV is a scam from every angle. So, we have listed it in our Scams category. If you have made any purchase from VIPLGTV or from similar kinds of scam sites, we suggest you immediately contact with your bank or credit card company and ask them to help you for a refund as well as to cancel your credit card so that these cybercriminals won’t be able to charge your credit card further without your consent.

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