Awtoed Review: Scam Alert! Beware!

Beware of because Awtoed is a scam. Now maybe you want to find out why and how is Awtoed a scam, what makes a scam, what is in real, right? Well, here, within our review, we are going to reveal the answers to these queries. So, let’s find out what is Awtoed in real.

What is Why is an Awtoed scam? is a scam because it is run and operated by a serial scammer who has already scammed people by opening exactly similar kinds of sites such as Ebuyea, Auate, Eaomc, VIPLGTVKoutae and so on. Now, let’s find out how this serial scammer is scamming people from these sites.

Awtoed complaints. Awtoed legit or fraud? Awtoed fake or real?

Why is Awtoed a scam and how is Awtoed and similar sites are scamming the people?

# Aforementioned, Awtoed is a scam because it is operating by the serial scammer and proof for that is the exactly similar kinds of sites with same website theme, website script, product images and so on.

# Awtoed is not authorized to sell any LG’s products and you can confirm that by contacting with LG company through their official website.

# You can find lots of complaints from the various people around the internet for not delivering them the TVs after they made a purchase from this site as well as from all similar kinds of sites. Some people even have complained that Awtoed has charged their credit card randomly without their consent due to which they even canceled their credit card. Of course, we know the fact that every company has complaints but in the case of Awtoed, there are only complaints from its users but not any positive Awtoed reviews.

So, now it is clear that Awtoed is a scam from every angle. So, we have listed it in our Scams category.

Please feel free to report anything about Awtoed or similar kinds of scam sites using our comment section below. You can also provide your own Awtoed reviews by leaving the comment below.

If you want to share this Awtoed review with your friends and families through your social media accounts to make them aware of this Awtoed scam, then please feel free to do so.

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18 thoughts on “Awtoed Review: Scam Alert! Beware!

  1. We got sucked in too, £ 86.00 for a tv for Christmas. I knew it was too good to be true but my son looked it up and at that time around early December there was no bad reviews. Obviously a new website at that time but gutted to see it all now. So many people being ripped off for there money ffs.

    1. Yes, Awtoed has scammed lots of people already. That’s why we are trying to do the review on scam sites as soon as possible but there are too many to cover up on time. So, if you ever find any scam sites, you can report us.

  2. This has happened to me my partner found it so I ordered it on my card absolutely gutted feel sick to the stomach 7 December I ordered it

    1. It’s better you contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card because these kinds of scams can charge your credit card further without your consent.

  3. I’m in the middle of arguing with PayPal lmfao this is theft by big bizarre I wanted my money back on the 6th of December wtf

    1. Do you mean PayPal doesn’t help you to refund your money from Awtoed. If so, then you can contact PayPal again and show them this review to let them know the reality of Awtoed. Yes, Awtoed is a scam, that’s why we have listed it in our Scams category.

  4. Thee Company associated with this site is Ansel Grey Inc registered in Kenturky USA and Directors are listed as Biojiang Zhang and Wanyun Xin of 551 Tapp Road Harrodsburg Kenturkey 40330 USA

    1. Dear Davan,
      It’s better not to believe the information that these kinds of companies provide to us. Most of the time, they just copy-paste the information from other companies to trick people. However, if you think this is the real address of this company, then can you explain us in detail how do you know about it?

  5. steve nottingham. iv ordered a 75 in tv advertised on face book. the money from my card has gone out my bank what can i do.

    1. You should contact your bank immediately and report about this company, show them this review and ask them to help for a refund. Even if they can’t refund your money, at least tell them to cancel your credit card and give the new one so that these scammers won’t be able to charge your credit card further without your consent.

  6. I am one of these people who ordered a 65″ T.V. LG for $118.00, I though something was wrong but what a good deal, I did notice the spelling of the Company Name EA instead of ER. I will be making a trip to my Bank first thing in AM

  7. This company is advertised on social media (fb)I’m worried people will fall victim of this con especially near Christmas

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