Review: VeteranMerchandise Scam or Legit?

VeteranMerchandise complaints VeteranMerchandise fake or real VeteranMerchandise legit or fraud | De Reviews

Searching for the VeteranMerchandise Review? Well, we have tried to provide you the real picture of this website in the simplest way we can in the below review section. Just go through our Veteran Merchandise review and know what this online store VeteranMerchandise is all about, whether a scam or a trustworthy company.

VeteranMerchandise complaints VeteranMerchandise fake or real VeteranMerchandise legit or fraud | De Reviews

Is a Veteran Merchandise scam or genuine company?

Before coming to any conclusion we are going to show you the real picture of this VeteranMerchandise company from our research and findings after which you can easily figure out whether it is fake or a real company or you shall trust this website or not. Please note that when the company is a scam, they leave so many loopholes that can be figured out but let’s talk about some major factors which definitely explain whether the company is a scam or legit.

So let’s start with the Veteran Merchandise review:

VeteranMerchandise is an online store that claims to offer some of the most unique items from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps ( USMC ), Airforce and Coast Guard. But there are so many things you must know about VeteranMerchandise before choosing it as your shopping destination.

We have categorized VeteranMerchandise as one of the suspicious sites because of the following reasons:

Doubtful Company Address:

If you check the company address details then you can see that they have provided the address as "2500 S Abilene St, #440620 Aurora, CO 80014". When we tried to find out the location through Google Maps, it appears to be an address belongs to the United States Postal Service. Now, this makes us very suspicious about VeteranMerchandise since the legit company always provides the precise registered company address but in the case of VeteranMerchandise, their company address seems to be faked or maybe only an address of P.O. Box Number. If any company is not providing the verified company address then we shall not trust such companies. Even if we agree they have provided the P.O. Box Number, still that can't be count as a verified address. But, even that address doesn't look like an address of P.O. Box Number.

Copied Contents:

On the "Terms of Service" page of the VeteranMerchandise website, you can find out it has mentioned its Terms of Service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of 2500 S Abilene St, #440620, Aurora, CO 80014. This is a blunder statement since there is no separate law for any particular address but for a whole city or district or country. This kind of blunder only happens when someone copy-pastes website details from other websites. Not only that but lots of details provided on VeteranMerchandise match with a bunch of scam sites. So, this adds more doubt about the company's address provided by VeteranMerchandise since that can be also copy-pasted address.

Unrealistic Refund Policy:

VeteranMerchandise has a Refund Policy which is found to be very unrealistic and useless which says that the product must be unused and in the original packaging to be eligible for the return/refund. Now without opening the packaging and using it, how can a buyer know about the quality or the proper functioning of the product? However, they even make customers pay for the refund i.e. product shipping cost which is non-refundable. It is almost impossible to get back a full refund amount from these kinds of sites due to this and that provisions.

There may be an argument that after all they are offering refunds but you must be clear that they are only trying to escape from the consumer’s legal issues but actually this kind of refund policy is adopted by only the scam companies as getting a refund from them is almost impossible due to their this and that provisions.

Our Final Verdict:

Above are some of the realities we have shown you after our research on VeteranMerchandise.

Nevertheless, we have come up with the conclusion that VeteranMerchandise is one of the suspicious websites and we do not recommend it.

Hence we recommend you to cross-verify by yourself to find out if it’s a scam or a legit company. We really hope now you understand our review on what VeteranMerchandise is all about and feel free to share something more you know about this company in our comment section below by providing your own reviews.

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