What Is UV? UV Meaning. What UV Means?

If you are looking for what does UV mean, the meaning of UV, the acronym of UV, the definition of UV, the abbreviation of UV, then you are in the right platform because here we are going to provide you the UV slang meaning, the UV definition, the UV acronym, the UV abbreviation as well as how this acronym UV is used over the conversations.

So, then what is UV? For what does UV stand?

The slang word UV stands for “You Have” which is used in the internet conversations like chats, messages, posts, emails etc. as a shortened version.

UV is also the acronym of “Unpleasant Vision”.

Another meaning of UV goes for “Ultra Violet” which means rays or light of the sun.

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The word UV is sometimes also used to refer to gay.

The abbreviation UV also means “Used Vag*na”.

The word UV is also the name of the brand of “A Flavored Vodka” which have the different flavor like apple (UV Green), vanilla (UV Ivory), cherry (UV Red), blue Rasberry (UV Blue), orange (UV Orange).

How is UV used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the slang word UV is used over the conversations are:

UV as “You Have”:

A: UV to tell me the truth.

B: This is the truth dude!!!


A: UV got your answers right?

B: Not yet.

UV as “Unpleasant Vision”:

X: It was so UV. I have never seen such a terrifying accident man.

Y: Gosh…it really was.

UV as “refer people gay”:

Girl 1: Did you notice that guy, UV?

Girl 2: Yeah, he was my neighbor!!!

UV as “Used Vag*na”:

Boy 1: I am so excited to get a fresh virgin tonight!!!

Boy 2: Forget it dude…she is UV coz I laid with her.

Boy 1: Ohhh man really???…not interested anymore.

UV as “Ultra Violet”:

X: I prefer to use sunscreen to protect my skin from UV light.

Y: I am also looking for something effective…which brand do you use?

UV as “A Flavored Vodka”:

Man 1: Let’s go to the bar and take a UV shot tonight!!!

Man 2: Yeah good idea!!!

And so on.

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