Review: Legit? TheLuxuryVibe Scam?

TheLuxuryVibe Review: Either is scam or legit? At starting we thought The Luxury Vibe is not a legit online store, however, now it has improved lots of things so we are not calling it a scam anymore. Do you want to know why at starting we thought it may be a scam and now why we think it may not? Well, then let’s begin with our The Luxury Vibe review to find out why at starting we thought The Luxury Vibe scam and why now we think it is may not be a scam and what is in real.

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Now The Luxury Vibe has improved itself so we don't think it may be a scam. However, at starting we thought it may be a scam. So, let's find out below what makes us think TheLuxuryVibe was a fraudulent website at starting and why now we think it may not:-

# At starting, “The Luxury Vibe” had provided the fake trust seal logos such as McAfee, VeriSign, etc. on its several pages which makes us think it was a scam. But, later it took out those fake trust seals and contacted us to amend this review. When we check now, we don't find any fake trust seal logos. So, we appreciate that TheLuxuryVibe cares about the company's reputation and make the correction accordingly. Scam online stores never care about the reputation of their company, only genuine ones do.

# However, these days there are lots of scam online stores. So, legit online stores should improve themselves accordingly as per the demand of the new market. “The Luxury Vibe” has taken out its fake trust seals and has mentioned it has been operating from Canada, & LA. However, still, it hasn't provided its detailed company's address and phone number. You can see in the comment section below the team of “The Luxury Vibe” have contacted us and they said they are not providing a contact phone number at the moment. However, at least they can provide their detailed contact address. So, even we have removed “The Luxury Vibe” from our Scams category, still, we are listing it in our Suspicious category due to the insufficient contact details. Once it provides its detailed contact information which can be verifiable, then definitely we will move it out from our Suspicious category as well and mark it as a legit company.

Your comment can help us to be more clear either is a TheLuxuryVibe scam or not. So, if you have any experience with “The Luxury Vibe” online store, then you can share with us your own review using the comment section below. Your reviews will help us to know more about this online store. So, please feel free to leave your comment below.

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4 thoughts on “ Review: Legit? TheLuxuryVibe Scam?

  1. Hi De Roka,

    The trust signs are part of our store them- auto generated. They also are there to ensure we have full security of all transactions. If you look at our updated store:, you will see our new theme.

    Our headquarters are in Canada, & LA. We ship products from various departments- Asia, & the United States. This is why we don't provide a address. Also we are a startup team, and at the moment we only ensure contact through email at In the future, we will be implementing support through phone.

    Please remove this article as there is no validation of what is being said. We are a legitimate company running for the past 2 years with thousands of customers and a following of over 16k on instagram : @theluxuryvibe.


    1. Thanks a lot for contacting us. We have amended our TheLuxuryVibe review and have removed TheLuxuryVibe from our Scams category. However, still, we want you to provide your detailed company's address so that we can mark it as a legit online store. Thank you.

  2. We are a legit company, this is a false article written to promote their own products. Our customers receive there products in a timely matter. All operations are for providing the best products at reasonable rates to our customers. Thank you.

    1. If you are a legit company, then please explain to us why did you guys post the fake trust seal logos of McAfee and VeriSign on your website before? And legit online stores always provide their detailed company's address and contact phone number. Why are you not providing those details? Can you explain it? AND, where do you find we are promoting or selling something? Please check our review above once again, we are not promoting or selling anything from this review.

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