What is TCB? TCB Meaning. What does TCB Mean?

If you are looking for what TCB means, the meaning of TCB, the acronym of TCB, the abbreviation of TCB, the definition of TCB, then your search ends here because here we are going to provide you the TCB slang meaning, the TCB definition, the TCB acronym, the TCB abbreviation as well as how this word is used in the communications.

Can you find out the meaning of TCB from the picture below? Actually, the picture somehow represents the meaning of TCB. Well, let’s figure out the meaning of TCB as below.

What does TCB stand for? Define TCB. Meaning TCB.

So, then what is TCB? For what does TCB stand?

The word TCB stands for “Taking Care of Business” or “Take Care of Business”. TCB is used by a person to indicate that he or she is taking care of his or her business or work and that person is very serious about his or her business or job or work.

How is TCB used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the TCB slang is used in daily communications are:

I cannot take a long vacation since I need TCB.


Now we are making a good profit than last year since we are serious on TCB.


Watch out your plans man, just TCB.


Kelly: Hey what are you doing, can we meet for a lunch?

Tom: I am just TCB, can catch you for dinner, is it ok?


Emma: Hey how’s your business going on?

Brad: It’s perfectly ok coz now I am TCB.


Henry: I think you should change your plans and find a better job for yourself.

Richard: You TCB. I am ok with mine.

And so on.

What do you think? Why do people use the short form of the words?

Actually, today’s generation feels more comfortable using these types of slang words as these are easy and fast to type as well as to pronounce. They use devices like mobile, laptop, tablet etc. in which slang words are more practical. Especially youngsters use slang words in order to show themselves cool. But nowadays, slang words are also used in the corporate world as well as in family circles as these words are easy and fast to type in the internet conversations.

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