What Is RUGGER? RUGGER Meaning. What RUGGER Means?

If you are looking for the definition, acronym, abbreviation of Rugger, then you are in the right place because here we are going to provide you the Rugger slang meaning as well as how this acronym is used over the internet conversations.

So, then what is Rugger?

This slang word stands for the ball game “Rugby” in which players use every bit of tricks to get and keep the ball. They also gouge, punch, kick or even bite each other in order to get the ball. They do not follow any particular rules in the game.

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Likewise, it is particularly used by Rugby players to describe themselves in Rugby game. It is a dope name for Rugby. This slang word is used to refer Rugby game or Rugby player.

It also means the muscular male, meaning to be the strong and beefy man who can sustain several concussions and still can stand for another one. He is considered to be very energetic and can also provide complete pleasure to their s*x partner. He is like the epitome of an athlete.

Another slang meaning of it goes for “Lesbian”.

How is RUGGER used in the conversations?

Some of the examples are:

Girl: What r u doing tonite?

Boy: Playing Ruggers!!!


A: John was seriously hurt in yesterday’s RUGGER game.

B: Ohhh..where’s he now?


Girl 1: What’s ur bf do?

Girl 2: He’s a Rugger (Rugby player)!!!

Girl 1: Uhhmmm!!!


Girl 1: We had a long hr s*x!! He is a real Rugger!!!

Girl 2: Lucky you!!!!


Girl 1: Do you know Emma is a Rugger? ( Lesbian)?

Girl 2: Really???? A Rug Munch….hehe.

And so on.

Well, now you know the meaning of Rugger from the above definition, so if you want to say something about it, then please feel free to leave your comment below.

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