What Is AMA? AMA Meaning. What AMA Means?

If you are looking for the definition, acronym, abbreviation of AMA, then you are in the right place because here we are going to provide you the AMA slang meaning as well as how this acronym is used over the internet conversations.

So, then what is AMA?

This slang word stands for a short form of “Ask Me Anything” which is used in the conversations like chats, messages, posts, emails and so on if someone acts something silly or stupid or nonsense or unexpected. So this abbreviation is used when someone gets confused on the other’s actions or when someone dislikes the other’s actions and is asking what’s exactly the other is thinking about.

Another meaning of it also goes for “Against Medical Advice”.

It is also used as a name for both male and female

AMAS also indicate massive “Sexiness” in someone.

It also means “Grandmother or Caretaker” in Scottish term.

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How is AMA used in the conversations?

Some of the examples are:

AMA as “Ask Me Anything”:

A: I don’t think you know about tomorrow’s program, do you?

B: AMA you want!!!


Boy 1: Hey I heard you know Anny right?

Boy 2: AMA about her man!!!

AMA as “Against Medical Advice”

A: Don’t you know doctors don’t recommend smoking or alcohol, it’s AMA.

B: Who cares man!!!

AMA as a name:

Girl 1: Hey Ama let’s catch up tomorrow!!!

Girl 2: Sure!!!


A: What’s your name?

B: Ama!!!


Boy 1: That girl is damn AMAS!!!

Boy 2: Yeahhhh!!!

AMA as “Grandmother or Caretaker”

Mother: Did you call your AMA today?

Daughter: Ya mom…I already wished her birthday.

And so on.

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