What Is OMW? OMW Meaning. What OMW Means?

If you are searching for what does OMW mean, the meaning of OMW, the acronym of OMW, the definition of OMW, the abbreviation of OMW, then you are in the right place to solve your query because here we are going to provide you the OMW slang meaning, the OMW definition, the OMW acronym, the OMW abbreviation as well as how this acronym OMW is used over the conversations.

So, then what is OMW? For what does OMW stand?

The slang word OMW stands for “On My Way” which is used in the conversations like chats, messages, social media posts and status, emails, blogs etc. to inform the other that you are already on your way to be there i.e. it’s the way of saying “I am coming”. The acronym OMW is used when you are going to meet someone in some place and you are informing them that you are heading there and arriving at the destination soon. It’s also kind of alerting them about your arrival and the other get the message that he or she has to be get prepared for that.

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And the word OMWH means “On My Way Home”.

The abbreviation OMW also means “Oh My Wow” which is the expression of being shocked.

OMW is also the acronym of “Oh My Word” which is similar to “Oh My Gosh” or “Oh My God” which is used when someone is surprised or amazed.

Another meaning of the abbreviation OMW is “Old Man Wheeze” which means instead of laughing on something very funny, you just wheeze like an old man which is also referred as “laugh attack”.

How is OMW used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the slang word OMW is used over the conversations are:

OMW as “On My Way”:

A: Where are you?

B: OMY!!!


Son: Dad I am waiting….

Dad: OMY son…just give me 5 more minutes.


Wifey: We are already running late honey….

Hubby: OMY dear…just relax.


Daughter: I am standing here for half an hour.

Dad: OMY to pick you up…too much traffic.

OMWH as “On My Way Home:

X: Can we talk now?

Y: OMYH… I will call you later.

OMW as “Oh My Wow”:

A: OMW!!! You laid with him? I mean really?

B: Yeah!!! We made it last night!!!

OMW as “Oh My Word”:

Girl 1: OMW he is sending me love signs!!!

Girl 2: Just relax and ignore him!!!

Girl 1: But why?

Girl 2: Just do what I said.

Girl 1: okkkk!!!

OMW as “Old Man Wheeze”:

A: I always OMW before laughing.

B: hahahha yeah and it’s even funniest!!!

A: Yeah I think so.

And so on.

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