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De Roka

I am De Roka, also known as Suman Roka, and I'm the person behind this website. I've been working online since 2009, and since 2014, I've been researching scams to protect people from falling for them. I've saved many folks from scams by exposing their true nature before they can trick anyone. If you want to learn more about me and my team, you can visit our “About Us” page at this link:

3 thoughts on “Modelbox.Top Review: Legit? Modelbox Scam
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  1. I was unfortunately a victim of this scam website. I naively thought a company showing up in google search for a product would be legitimate. I even recieved a tracking number for the shipment which arrived today. However the item I ordered was not shipped and what I recieved was a few cheap face masks. The first thing I did was tried the link to their email and of course it’s no longer active. An online search led me to this site which I wish I would have found sooner. So I’m out some money but learned a lesson I guess. I’m going to contact my bank and order a new card after learning about mystery charges. Please be careful ordering things online and research the company.

  2. I subscribed to this website the have my name address and phone number wanted to purchase a potting bench so I can have a place to work on potting my plants. It was a good price but the only use PayPal and MasterCard. I tried to email them to see if the use visa. I happen to come across your
    website about Model! So I tried to delete my info. And canceled the order they never got my credit card info. Thank God. I also canceled my subscription. Hopefully I nipped it in the bud just in time. Thank you, if you can let me know if I am safe. Thanks again for the info.

    1. However, if you think they have got your credit card information, then you should immediately contact your bank and cancel your credit card and get the new one. You should know that deleting your credit card information from their website won’t delete your information from their database.

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