Another StartMiner - Ltcminer Scam Or Genuine? Review

StartMinercom review Is StartMiner scam or legit What is Start Miner | De Reviews

Ltcminer is related to another website named StartMiner. We can say this because when you visit, it will now redirect you to Is it a good thing? Of course, not, because StartMiner was one of the Ponzi Scheme where lots of people had already lost lots of money.

The business model of Ltcminer also seems very similar to StartMiner, which makes clear that Ltcminer also can't sustain for a long run.

So, we don't recommend you to join Ltcminer.

If you want to know more about StartMiner, below you can find our StartMiner review, which we had published on 14 September 2017.

If you are looking for the shortcut answers of the queries like "What is StartMiner?" or "Is StartMiner legit or scam?", then let’s tell you the truth, well Start Miner is in fact a Ponzi scheme, an illegal company that falls under our "Scams" category.

Now let’s get into the detail review:

Why we say so? It’s because there are lots of factors which we have found not apparent about this site like the issues of business registration as well as its sustainability and existence, the history and details of the owner or operator, big question on their testimonials and claims and lots of complaints about the company around the internet.

StartMiner review Is StartMiner scam or legit What is Start Miner Ltcminer Review | De Reviews

What is

It is registered in UK Companies House. It is a bitcoin mining pool which claims to have physical miners. But the details of the owner or operator of the website is not revealed in their website and completely hidden within WHOIS. The address they have provided as their contact address is also completely fake and has been used by thousands of other scam companies. Actually that address is a rental address from virtual office address providing companies.

Their registration with UK Companies House also creates a big doubt as anyone can easily register their company in there paying 20 GBP without giving real owner details and company’s actual address. Another interesting part is that another company is not only using the same address, but the same registration no. 09951039 and registration documents as it is using. Besides that, there is no evidence that it is mining in some physical locations as it has not provided any physical location of its company as well. They even don’t reveal the public cryptocurrency address to participate in the mining process. So, there is a big question why they are hiding all these information which are very necessary for any legit mining company if it’s really a mining pool?

What StartMiner offers?

They claim that if you invest 5 BTC, they will return you 1 BTC per day. And to take out money from you as an investment, they have designed a business modality in which you can earn 0.0006 BTC per day without investing any money. And in order to earn more BTC, you will invest money in their program getting attracted with their scheme. And until they are in profit with your investment, they will make payments, but when the withdrawal money seems lowering their profit, they will eventually stop paying you and run with your money. Actually, you can find lots of claims from many members for only paying them 1-2 times at starting and then not paying later.


It’s a big question that how this company can sustain for long run paying so much money to you? Why they pay so much to you when they have other sources to borrow money to make an investment and earn, such as banking loan? Why they are intentionally hiding their identity if they are legit? All these queries simply indicate that StartMiner is a scam company. So stay away from such companies and better choose other legit companies to make long term sustainable online income.

You can find the lots of suspicious sites listed within our “Suspicious” category by clicking >HERE< or you can find about various kinds of scams by scrolling within our “Scams” category by clicking >HERE< or you can navigate our website through our home page to find out the several interesting and knowledgeable articles under different categories by clicking >HERE<.

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12 thoughts on “Another StartMiner - Ltcminer Scam Or Genuine? Review

  1. Add my vote to the advice that it is a total scam. I tried it for several months and even after waiting a month, never received anything in the way of bitcoin. I don't see how it can be a Ponzi if they never pay anyone at all; what they are properly called are thieves. Please everyone, do not send these people any of your money.

    1. Yep, they are a scam and they can call themselves a Ponzi scheme because Ponzi scheme itself is a scam.

  2. Please thanks for this review but its too late for me. I convince my parenta and took student loan to buy bitcoin for upgrade on this site and they have ripped me off all the money I had. I dont know how to explain to me parents now. Am a Ghanaian and in tertiary. Please help me with any little funds to recover this money cause i dont know what to tell my family.
    Thats my wallet. Any amount will be gladly appreciated.

    1. You can check the Genisis Mining for the real mining sites. But, it's not that we are recommending it to you. We personally don't like Genisis Mining due to the very low amount of profit that you can generate from it.

    1. In our StartMiner review as above, we have already provided the details about that UK Companies House document. So, please read our review once again as above to know how much it is easy to register a company in UK Companies House and how people can provide the fake details to register a company in UK Companies House.

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