Humor in Our Life: How to be Happy in Our Life?

how to find joy in your life how to reduce stress in your life how to finding joy in your life | De Reviews

We can bring humor in our life in anything we do like when we talk, communicate, eat, walk, work, sleep and so on, which ultimately brings laughter in our lives. It is very important in our stressful life to be joyful and cheerful which can help us moving forward in our lives.

Humor is basically related with something joyful or funny that we bring in our life. It’s not a separate part of life but very much related to our daily activities.

Everyone loves the personality who can bring laughter in their lives. So being humorous is not only being happy and joyful yourself but bringing the same in others lives as well.

But, today we are so busy solving our own problems and hardships that we hardly bother to think about others. That is why we are just talking about bringing humor in our daily activities and not putting the extra effort into it.

We know being humorous and staying happy all the time seems not possible, but staying positive and optimistic is always the better way of living life. Langston Hughes once said: Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you.

how to find joy in your life how to reduce stress in your life how to finding joy in your life | De Reviews

The Power of Positivity In our Life:

Laughing Creates Positive Vibes

Laughing generates such positive energy that the person in front of us can't help but laugh too. This shows how humor motivates us to stay positive and happy. Everyone enjoys a good laugh, and when you laugh, you undoubtedly experience positivity from the inside out.

Humor in Admiration, Not Criticism

Also, humor shall be used in admiring others and yourself but not for criticizing because here we are talking about positive laughter and its positive impact on our lives and bringing humor in our life.

Adding Colors to Your Attitude Palette

“Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up”(by Allen Klein).

Embracing Childlike Laughter

Have you ever noticed how happy and free children are? They giggle in every simple thing and makes the situations so easy and light. They bring beauty in life, theirs and ours. Their imagination and humor towards life are just unbeatable.

Likewise, they enjoy every moment of life and even in worst situations, laughs like nothing have had ever happened. So we shall learn those little things from them to bring humor in our life.

how to be happy in your life how to bring humor in our life how to enjoy life | De Reviews | De Reviews

Below are some tips to add humor in your life.

Enhance Your Calmness with These Easy Tips:

Try to find humor in everything:

During the course of action in life, if we learn to bring humor in them, it will be much easier for us to accomplish those tasks. Because when you feel good about what you are doing then it will not be that much hard. And in difficult situations, humor is much needed to accept and cope with it.

Life will be easy if we learn to find happiness in them. There are ample of instants in our everyday life which are funny and stupid. So enjoying little-little things in life can bring great joy in our lives. Bring laugh in yourself and that laugh not compulsorily be expressed every time.

You can laugh from your heart also. Laugh at your mistakes and silly things which will help you stay positive in every situation, even the worst one. Add little-little funny punches in your lines which can help to bring a laugh to your life.

Bring laugh in others life also:

As we already said being humorous is not only being happy by yourself but bringing happiness and laughter in others lives as well. So help others to bring humor in the happening situations and laugh at themselves because when you learn to laugh at yourself, half of your problems in life seem to vanish.

And nothing can bother you what others say or think about you. Share your silliness first with your family or friends and then tell them about theirs. This way they first laugh at you and when it comes to them, they find it even funnier instead of taking it otherwise. Laugh in a positive manner and encourage yourself and others every day to stay happy.

Take a break:

We all love to laugh and stay happy. So, take a break from your busy schedule and input some humor in your life. For this, you can read a comedy based books or stories, watch comedy movies or watch some laughter shows or comedy shows in TV or better watch comedy shows in reality, which you can find more humorous and enjoyable.

This can help to light up your mood and bring funniness and joy in you. Learn to enjoy life, take vacations, dinner/lunch dates and leave the stress far away for some time. This will help to energize you time and again.

Spend time with family and friends:

Spending quality time with family and friends always counts in your happiness. Share your funny memories and silly acts to them and you will get the same from them.

Yoga can help:

Every type of yoga are beneficial to your health but laughter yoga practices can really help to freshen up your mood and feel relaxed and light inside out.

Stay around with humorous people to bring humor in our life:

When you keep yourself around such people, they will help you to lighten up your mood and you feel positive towards life. It’s kind of telepathy you receive from them and one of the best way to bring humor in our life.


Remember that you are a human being and you cannot be right all the time. Bring spirit in yourself and accept the fact, you are not meant to take all the burdens of life. So try to lighten up the situation and laugh at your funny and stupid deeds, but not with the intention to repeat but with the intention to see it in a different way.

But then one should also realize the occasions and situations where we should not get embarrassed due to our humor or laugh. We shall also be careful on person to person basis when we try to be funny with them as someone enjoys it and someone on the other note, can take it very seriously and negatively.

We all have heard “Laughter is the best medicine”, so people who have the capability to bring humor in life and laugh are more happy and healthy. There is a saying that when we share knowledge and laughter, it doubles.

Do you know how to add humor in our life, how to find joy in our life? Do you want to share that with us? If so, then please feel free to use the comment section below. We will be more than happy to hear from you.

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Good Luck!

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