What Do You Think About Negative Hilda And Jesse Reviews?

Hilda and Jesse, a breakfast restaurant in the San Francisco city has recently got lots of negative reviews around different social media platforms for asking uniformed police officers to leave. As per Hilda And Jesse, they asked those offices to leave because the presence of weapons made them uncomfortable.

Lots of people started to slammed the restaurant for this incident and making it political issue as well. But, the restaurant has clarified that it was not a political decision and it was made with interest of staff members in mind.

Around the internet, specially on social media platforms, you can see people are debating regarding this incident. Some people have slammed restaurant and have posted negative reviews for restaurant while some people are in favor of restaurant saying it is good step they have taken concerning the customer safety and comfort.

At the time when we are writing this post, the restaurant page had a 1-star rating with more than 500+ reviews on Yelp. On Twitter also you can see lots of users have slammed the restaurant for this incident.

Few examples of positive Hilda And Jesse restaurant reviews after this incident, copy-pasted from Yelp and Twitter, are as below:

  • "Love this place and fully support them. Thanks but I don't want a gun with my waffles. I also fully support the police, I don't think that these viewpoints diametrical. San Francisco is San Francisco for a reason!"
  • "If you don’t accept Hilda and Jesse’s apology, then what do you want from them? To build a time machine? To go out of business? Accept people’s apologies so we can incentivize simply apologizing. When people are afraid to apologize we get more idiotic excuses and doubling down."
  • "Weapons don't make anywhere safer....pls go give Hilda and Jesse a positive review !! They put the safety and comfort of their customer first"

Few examples of negative Hilda And Jesse restaurant reviews after this incident, copy-pasted from Yelp and Twitter, are as below:

  • "Boycott Hilda and Jesse in North Beach SF. They threw two uniformed SFPD officers out for simply being cops in uniform. Spread the word."
  • "As a North Beach resident for over a decade, I apologize to the entire SFPD for #HildaAndJesse’s meaningless policy towards the two officers. When my family had a restaurant, we were always happy to see SFPD officers walk in because we TRUSTED them."
  • "I would feel more comfortable with police in my restaurant in uniform. I will never eat at Hilda and Jesse restaurant. Shame on them !"

However, now Hilda And Jesse has already apologized for this incident and has posted on their Instagram page as below:

"We made a mistake and apologize for the unfortunate incident on Friday when we asked members of the San Francisco Police Department to leave our restaurant. We are grateful to all members of the force who work hard to keep us safe, especially during these challenging times. We hope this will be a teachable moment for us as we repair and continue to build bridges with the SFPD. These are stressful times, and we handled this badly. - Rachel Sillcocks and Kristina Liedags Compton, co-owners of “Hilda & Jesse SF” Restaurant"

Hilda And Jesse Apology after getting slammed by Yelp Twitter Facebook Users | De Reviews
Above Picture is a Screenshot taken from the Hilda And Jesse Instagram page

So what do you think? Do you think Hilda and Jesse restaurant deserves negative 1-star reviews for this incident even after their apology? Please feel free to place your comment below to share your reviews.

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76 thoughts on “What Do You Think About Negative Hilda And Jesse Reviews?

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  2. Passed by there at 1.30pm on Friday. North Beach was hopping. One table occupied at Hilda & Jesse as it should be. Overpriced avocado & toast.

  3. From a British perspective the restaurant was I'll advised to throw serving police officers out they let their personal views cloud their judgement it's new business every customer counts me when I go to San Francisco for a holiday I will definitely not go to this restaurant and I think many other British holiday makers Will feel the same

  4. If they cant appreciate what armed officers do for the community and let them come in for a meal then they had better not call the police for help of they need it. Shame!

  5. Why would they seat the officers THEN ask them to leave? If you are going to refuse service to certain individuals because they make you uncomfortable, put a sign in the window. Oh wait, that was already done before by racists. Plain sickening!

  6. Absolutely , they deserve a 1 for service. I would sure like to buy those police lunch at a restaurant in town that supports our police and the protection they provide! If in deed the owners of this restaurant have supported defund the police, I support # defund this restaurant!

  7. Hope they go out of business. Worthless liberal POS. Perpetuating the anti cop rhetoric that is going on. As much violent crime as is. going on in San Francisco at the moment you'd think they'd be thrilled to have an armed uniformed presence in their business. Their apology is completely insincere. Only thing they're sorry about is they got caught and called outing suddenly realize that there aren't as many as anti cop people as they thought. The only people really anti cop are criminals and they probably won't be going to a restaurant and paying their bill anyway. They certainly won't get any of my business- or any of my friends- ALL of whom are very pro police. Way too many good restaurants in San Francisco and particularly North Beach that appreciate and support law enforcement.

  8. The owners of Hilda and Jesse should be held to the same standard as any other company. A wise business owner would never take such an entitled stand. Even if she felt it was adhering to her own strict values, that comes with consequence. It's PR 101. It was more than a bad choice. It was bad business practice - and so their business should (and will) suffer with declining revenues. Bear in mind: The apology only came when sales started slowing down. So their bold stance wasn't so bold after all. Not when it came to losing revenue.

  9. Some idiots say they put the safety of the customer first hahaha I know a great place to rob then they will see what safety is all about the police officer that deters the criminal from robbing the establishment an the people making them unsafe but with the police there wow common sense very safe they will close soon enough

    1. The business has every right to kick out armed police officers, right to refuse service! Police officers are not special and aren’t excluded nor above policy. Happy New Year!

  10. Food sucks service sucks an its becoming unsafe to go there unless your a criminal feel free to rob the place great target for that an shows them how safe they will be without that on duty police officer

  11. First of all they sat the cops at a table and then asked them to leave, how insulting and a "safe space"?!
    Anyone that actively tries to divide people with their personal biases and hatred don't deserve to be supported.

  12. If their employees are afraid of police coming in maybe owners need to do a criminal background check on their employees. Bigotry is bigotry

  13. Kristina Liedags and Rachel Sillcocks, Hilda and Jesse owner,s forgot that San Francisco is named for Saint Francis...the person who washed the feet of his enemies...the man who loved and respected ALL creatures great and small. They were unable on that fateful day to put aside their prejudices and serve the officers from Central Police Station...two small blocks from Hilda and Jesse. Their apology sounded forced and not authentic to any true San Franciscan.

    1. Of course it was a forced apology. All of you judgmental, hipocritical people who attacked this restaurant are the force that squeezed this uneccasary and unfortunate apology. Why are so many people so very quick to assume that anyone who doesn't bow down and blindly give unconditional trust and respect to police, are in the wrong??? Just because you maybe have been fortunate enough to not have ever been victimized by police does NOT mean everyone else has had the same experience. EMPATHY????? WHOS CAPABLE OF THAT THESE DAYS? IMAGINE YOURSELF IN A SITUATION WHERE YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ARE BEING VIOLATED BY POLICE. IMAGINE IT. People are being brutalized, killed, beaten and locked away for just being alive. Police reform is essential!!! They are nothing more than a gang of corrupt thugs!! Very dangerous to give anyone that type of power and then let them police themselves. Joke

    2. Agreed, they apologized after the backlash from the public.
      I sure hope there is not a hold up there…sounds like a safe house for criminals…a sanctuary.

  14. Sometimes I am baffled by the Liberal mind. These 2 ladies (owners) slashed their own throats and then tried an apology that just didn't ring true. The owners, I am sure will tell you, how unbiased they are, then the actually commit a bias act against those that are sworn to protect them. Baffling to say the least. It is my hope that their business tanks, not sure of the food quality, and frankly at this point it could be the best ever, but it is too late to save their restaurant. As for the bad reviews on YELP - Reviews are for food and service. Something these owners forgot. The bad reviews are legitimate. Obviously, you service......

    1. Sir, you are correct, police take a oath to serve and protect. Thousands of video are uploaded every week showing how little that oath means means to the gang in blue. Video does not lie. It's the only unbiased witness. You have to either be ignorant as hell or just plain biased and brainwashed if you can watch just one of the thousand of videos on YouTube showing AGGREGATIOUS vile act from police. They are a dangerous gang of thugs. Don't be blind.
      Do your research. Video doesn't lie sir.

  15. The people who run this establishment are a bunch of woke snowflakes. Guess who won't be running to their rescue if they dial 911, and expect police protection? I realize that it's not professional, but if I were the police, I'd take the scenic route, like stopping to smell the roses, and then grabbing a coffee before I head to the restaurant when they need help. Personally, I would never patron this restaurant. I wouldn't feel safe there with all that stupidity.

  16. This so called restaurant should be ashamed of there actions, Be glad you left SFPD , thank you for your service SFPD

  17. The worst thing that ever happened to this country is the liberal mentality. Since the early sixties they have been destroying any fabric of decent society that is left. This is what happens when the "alternative" lifestyles live in a fantasy world. Blame the police for your own failed policies.

  18. Well I hope there's a good social worker there when the robber comes in with a gun to their face... hope they get shut down

  19. Well, I'm going to go against the grain here, although I agree with most of the commenters that the owners of the restaurant behaved atrociously, and deserved the initial backlash. However, that said, I think people should accept their very abject apology, no matter what your opinion of the sincerity of the apology. After all, what else could they really do? They can't undo what has been done. Why should anyone ever apologize for anything, if people won't accept an apology? Why not just double down on stupid behavior? Only the owners of that restaurant know their level of sincerity -- I don't, and neither do any of you. Perhaps this can be a learning moment for these two "wokesters." I hope they will learn not only that this kind of thing can hurt their bottom line, but also that rigid thinking can lead to stupid actions., and will reconsider their narrow beliefs. Driving them out of business will probably only reinforce their self-righteousness, not counter it. Maybe the police department can test the sincerity of their apology by sending over 5 cops for lunch.

    1. I'll let you volunteer to be one of the five cops sent over for lunch to test their sincerity. I won't be joining you. These people have made their thought process and values very plain. I'm not going to eat there and get a surprise in my food. No way. No how. If these people will discriminate against people because of their profession, it's hard to say what they'd do to anyone that they perceived a difference with. No thanks, I'll eat elsewhere.

    2. The second part of the apology went on to say that they would be happy to have the police there off duty and without their firearms. Apology with a bit of stand their ground for their actions.

    3. This is the most rounded and logical response and attitude I read. I agree. There is a possibility that the restaurateurs are indeed sorry for their actions.

      Once upon a time classy people learned to "make" and "accept" apologies. Of course, NOBODY is required to accept one, but the classy person is trained to accept it, in most cases. Only classless folks REFUSE to every apologize, for anything.

      I feel as strongly as you do about the actions towards the officers.


    4. Well stated and unemotionally articulated. I too hope they learn a valuable lesson in how to treat neighbors in their community. Neighbors whose profession may sometimes include serving and protecting the citizens of SF and their businesses.

  20. Fighting everyday bunch of losers, you guys are on your way to going out of business. Man I can't wait to see you guys go under. The city of San Francisco is going down in flames you might as well go with it you worthless losers

  21. I hope they go out of business, I hope a bum in San Francisco robs them blind and burns the restaurant down. They deserve what they get. Pure trash in the city of San Francisco which is nothing but trash guess misery loves company

  22. Considering they later said "Oh, but you can come by later without your uniforms, badges and guns"

    Police are on duty 24/7 they really are never "Off duty" (unless in another country) this restaurant will suffer a severe loss of income. Don't feel bad for them, they dug their own grave.

    1. Agree. Am wondering why they were so uncomfortable. People uncomfortable around LEO's are usually up to something not legal. Perhaps they should take a closer look at that restaurant.

  23. Anyone who supports this establishment and it’s practice’s is part of the problem. Our rights don’t stop where your feelings begin.
    Flipping Snowflakes

    1. What if I decided that I just like their food? I'm not saying I have decided such, merely that I could. I haven't yet tried the restaurant. What if I feel like their abject apology is sufficient no matter what anyone's opinion of their level of sincerity? What makes you believe that they haven't changed their policy, given the trouble it has caused them? Am I allowed to not "take sides" if I feel like it? Am I permitted to not be part of the solution and not be conzidered part of the problem? Does that mean I approve of all they do?

  24. So disrespectful of the staff, they must be criminals-if they are afraid of the police or uncomfortable-I would not support these employees nor trust them, no wonder so many people are moving out of California!!

  25. Just hope that the SFPD never needs to be at the eatery for official business, taking reports, etc. It’d be hard without entering the premises given the owners’ stance on weapons. Owners and staff, however, would be the first to complain if any LEOs didn’t do their job.

  26. I'm guessing the US flag makes them uncomfortable too. The only time that restaurant was a safe place was when the SFPD Officers were in the place. Their apology was hollow and only given because of the public outrage and the $$$ hit to the business. I'd be willing to travel the 2000 +miles to help the restaurant owners pack up and leave.... To all the Police Officers of San Francisco "Thank you for your service to the community".

  27. Guarantee they don't check everyone for guns. They just discriminate against those there to protect and serve the community. Disgusting actions by the owners and staff. I hope they go under with their overpriced school breakfast food.

  28. A restaurant gets reviewed on food quality and service. Well, they refused to serve three cops so they got reviewed on their service, or lack of service. The reviews are fair. Just because they say “it’s not political” doesn’t make it “not political”. Especially when Hilda & Jesse have other posts on their restaurant IG page that says #defundthepolice.

  29. I think they thought they were being funny / cool. But, just the opposite. Blocks of homeless encampments, constant smash and grab robberies, high crime, seems a wise person would welcome the police and prefer a police presence. They said they want a safe place, so, are they going to feel safer with police around or criminals hangings around? They figured out right away when their ratings took a nose dive that they messed up....I mean, ratings went down into a burning ring of fire! Who are they going to call when they get robbed/looted/burned out? Right, the very same police that were not good enough for their over-priced dive

  30. The eatery? will NEVER get any business from me or mine since you treat the boys in blue so horribly'! By the way, what is the crime rate in San Francisco? It certainly would be WONDERFUL to see some police officers in your establishment. Others would certainly appreciate it.

  31. Would never eat there. The apology is insincere and means nothing. Boycott them and I hope they go out of business

  32. The fact is they are only sorry because they were caught being prejudiced against police. Very disappointed in this restaurants explanation. I would not give my business to any business that mistreats a police officer for their uniform. I bet they would have a different attitude if they needed the police to come quickly. Very sad that anyone would mistreats someone because they were in uniform. Bad... and mean.

  33. The reason they gave is absurd. That is like saying that the cooks should not be allowed to use knives to cut and prepare food and that patrons should not be allowed to use knives and forks - spoons only. It's not as though the police offers were having a gun show - they are beat cops and wanted something to eat - it's absolutely absurd that they were turned away. Do I want to see a business close no, but do I want to see a business supported based on their policies of no armed forces allowed, no. I don't live in SF anymore, but if I did and lived in the neighborhood I would absolutely not support this establishment just as if a business did something outstanding for a community and if it required an effort on my part (driving long distance) to support the business and or ordering online I absolutely would. It will be interesting to see what happens to them.

  34. This is unbelievable
    This “uncomfortable feeling”.
    Shame on the owners and the staff
    I will never eat there, nor should any other San Francisco residents.

  35. When an armed assailant comes to rob them, the restaurant staff can give him/her their schpeel about guns not being allowed in their establishment.

  36. You choose to be Woke it’s your choice. To disrespect, to not serve two hard working public servants food hopefully will leave your place shuttered. What should the SFPD use? Have you seen how deplorable your once fair city has become? A harbinger of liberal homeless. Go woke go broke. Stop being liberal superheroes. Supposedly all people matter to you guys but clearly being in law enforcement doesn’t matter. I’ll never EVER step in your place.

  37. What a shame that this restaurant was so afraid of armed police officers looking to enjoy a meal. Maybe they would prefer gang members who terrorize all SF businesses and destroy honest people trying to make a living. This is truly a HATE motive against all of our hard working Police Officers only job is to protect ALL the people. Suggest you move your Restaurant to a third world country!!

  38. Dear Kristina Liedags compton.
    So no serving uniformed police officers are allowed into your restaurant. WOW.
    I'm in the UK and i have an interest in a couple of restaurants in your immediate area. What you have done to these heroes is such a total disgrace and shameful with it.
    I will personally make sure that none of the 15+ members of my team ever go to your restaurant again, it's a shame as they like your place but your attitude regarding people who will take a bullet to protect you and your staff. Don't bother to reply as the damage is done.
    Regards. James Hobbs.

  39. Half apology given only to try and save their business. They still will not welcome on duty police officers. Saying that it is because they had weapons is lame. Weapons are only a danger or threat when carried by criminals or people that do not know how to safely handle them. Bad behavior towards our valued and brave law enforcement officers!!

  40. The staff of this restaurant has been thoroughly brainwashed by the culture in the San Francisco where law and orders are ignored while the crimes such as luting and robberies are soaring up in recent few years… Is this restaurant welcoming armed robberies that happened to its neighbor businesses in the town now?

  41. Get woke go broke. If I was the owners I would show some true penance and buy out the co-owner that backed up the mistake as well as terminate the staff that expressed worry about the officers being present armed, and I would do it three days ago. They deserve to go out of business or get robbed. San Francisco. You cannot walk anywhere without finding homeless and used needles. Even the rats want to move. By the way thank Piglosi for the state of affairs. She should own it.

  42. The mistake Hilda and Jesse made was one they'd never have owned except their stupid actions resulted in severe backlash that may doom their existence. No sympathy here. They will reap what they have sown. Their's is much like the hollow apology of celebs, politicians and execs who get caught and then issue some insincere spin about how they're sorry if they offended anyone and they are truly ashamed of the hurt or embarrassment they may have caused. You know.............some trite apology that is meaningless.

  43. They just told every armed robber that there are no guns in the restaurant and there won't be any cops in there either. Just take a Sharpie and write "victim" on your foreheads. Eat there at your own risk.

  44. I highly doubt they are really sorry or have changed their viewpoint about police officers overnight. They are only apologizing because they are having negative feedback from the public about their choices and it is causing bad reviews for their restaurant. Police officers lives are already difficult and dangerous enough being called to handle other peoples problems without being disrespected and shamed when trying to grab a bite to eat. Reap what you sow ladies.

  45. It is prejudice period. So Police can not come in when on duty!!! I bet if the restaurant had a armed robbery they would be welcomed or should they leave there weapons behind? Shameful. And their apology is not accepted by most because it only came after it affected their image and Bank Account and that is not a True Apology!!!!

  46. Teachable my ....! They learned nothing. They are still bigots. Let a crime happen and they will want the police there.

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