What Is HH? HH Meaning. What Does HH Mean?

If you are looking for what HH means, the meaning of HH, the acronym of HH, the definition of HH, the abbreviation of HH, then you are in the right platform because here we are going to provide you the HH slang meaning, the HH definition, the HH acronym, the HH abbreviation as well as how this acronym HH is used over the internet conversations.

So, then what is HH? For what does HH stand?

The slang word HH stands for the short form of “Ha Ha” or “Heh Heh” which is used in the conversations like chats, messages, posts, emails etc. as a mild laughter (not like LOL) or to show amusement/happiness over something.

Define HH. Meaning HH. Definition HH.

The abbreviation HH is also the short form of “Happy Hour” which is usually the time after work for fun like gathering, drinking, dancing, singing, talking, partying etc.

The abbreviation HH is also used in the conversations usually by lovebirds which mean “Hold Hands or Holding Hands”.

The acronym HH also goes for the shortened form of “Hand Hug” which is like high five but clinch the thumbs around each other’s hand.

Another meaning of HH is “Heil Hitler”, a salute used by Neo-Nazis Germany.

It also means Half Hour used in a menu of s*xual services.

HH is also the abbreviation for “Hoe Hotline” which is used for a cell phone in which lots of notifications and calls are frequently received especially at nights.

HH is also used for “Hat Hot” Man who mostly wears a hat and looks hot in it.

HH is also used by girls to indicate “Hoe’s who follow guys”

HH also means “Hulk Hunting” which means woman looking for a man in desperation of s*x or some happiness.

Likewise, the word HH has several meanings which are used as per situation and conversations.

How is HH used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the slang word HH is used over the conversations are:

Boy 1: Did you see Adam’s face?

Boy 2: HH!! Too funny!!


Girl 1: Just loved your dress!!!

Girl 2: HH thanks!!


Boy 1: Hey man let’s meet today on HH.

Boy 2: Yehhh ok!!!


Boy: I love you!!!

Girl: Love you too!!!

Boy: HH

Girl: HH


Girl 1: You are just too funny….Give me High Five girl!!!

Girl 2: Ahhhh HH is better!!!


Nazi 1: HH!!

Nazi 2: SH!!


Boy 1: Did you see the menu..it’s $50 for HH.

Boy 2: Yehhhh!!!


Wife: Your HH is still popping…it’s midnight honey.

Husband: Okkkkk…..let me off this!!!


Girl 1: He is HH!!!

Girl 2: Blad or what??? But hot yeahhh!!!


A: Look that HH is following him around!!!

B: Yeah.


Woman 1: Are you thinking of HH tonight?

Woman 2: Yeah!!! Let’s go for HH tonight.

And so on.

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