NHS Trace Message With Links To Order Test Kits Scam Or Genuine? NHS: You have been in contact with someone who has the Omicron Variant – Legit?

Beware of scam text messages with links to websites like Health-Care-UK .com, Order-Tracktracingkit204958 .com, Omicron.id-49 .com, NHS.UK-delivery-testkit .com/NHS from numbers 07851484978 and 07845020989 as below:.

  • “NHS: Track and Trace has identified you have been in close contact with someone with Omicron, please order a test kit here: omicron.id-49 .com”
  • “NHS: You have recently been in contact with someone diagnosed with omicron. Please visit here to order your PCR test http :// order-tracktracingkit204958 .com”
  • “NHS: You’ve been in close contact with a person who has contracted the Omicron variant. Please order a test kit via: nhs.uk-delivery-testkit .com/nhs”
  • “NHS: You have been in contact with someone who has the Omicron Variant. You must order a free PCR testing kit here: https ://health-care-uk .com”

You may get similar types of such scam text messages in several forms. So, you can help us by reporting similar kinds of scams below in the comment section. If you are concerned with your privacy, then you can comment below without submitting your email address.

Beware of fraudulent NHS Trace Messages With Links To Order Test Kits like Health Care UK | De Reviews

What is the motive behind these fraudulent text messages?

These fraud messages are not from any genuine companies, but are from scammers to get your personal information so that they can scam you. They may ask you to click some link and submit the personal details on the fake website posing the real ones or call them or message/reply to them where they will trick you to submit your personal details. So, you should not follow any instructions provided in these kinds of messages or click any link or download anything (if provided any). The links or files provided in these messages may also contain some viruses or malware or spyware that can hack your device as well.

So, if you get confused about the legitimacy of the messages that you received, then it’s better you contact or check on the official website of the respective company (in this case you can contact NHS) to confirm either the messages you received are real or fake ones.

Once these cybercriminals get your personal information, they make money by selling those details. If they get your credit card information, even they can steal money from your credit card.

These messages may not come in the name of the same company or in the same format. These scammers may use multiple numbers, emails, and the name of companies to send various kinds of scam messages. A few examples of other scam messages are:

Mydelivery1 USPS tracking Scam Messages

Evri Redelivery Shipment Fee Scam Messages

USPS Text Message With Tracking Number US9514961195221 Scam

Scam Messages Purports To Be The UK Post Office With Local-Depot-GB links

So, help us by reporting similar types of messages by using the comment section below.

Now you know the reality of these kinds of fraudulent messages. So, if you want to say something about it or want to report any kinds of scams, then please feel free to leave your comment below. After all, we are here to spread awareness about scams. So, let’s do it together. Let’s save innocent people from scams.

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