Grace Class Action eCheck Scam or Legit? - Is It A Genuine Apple FaceTime Lawsuit?

You must be here because you may have got an email or mail saying you could get a payment from a Grace Class Action settlement (Grace et al. v. Apple Inc. Settlement) and want to know either is this Grace Class Action settlement fake or real, right? Well then, you should know that this settlement exists. So, this is real, not a scam.

If you own or had owned the non-jailbroken Apple iPhone 4 or Apple iPhone 4S device and had an iOS 6 or earlier operating on April 16, 2014 and if you were in California at that date, then you may get a payment from this class action settlement.

As per this Grace Class Action, on April 16, 2014, Apple Inc. or Apple believed to interfere with "Facetime" on iOS 6 or earlier operating systems. However, Apple denies these allegations.

Grace Class Action Grace et al v Apple Inc Settlement Fake or Genuine | De Reviews

So, what should you do with this Grace Class Action?

If you have received an email or mail notification about this Grace Class Action, then that means you are eligible to get the settlement payment. So, if interested to get this settlement payment, you can choose to do nothing and you will receive a digital or physical check of proposed settlement amount. And, if you choose to participate in this settlement, then you will give up the right to sue Apple in a separate lawsuit on this subject of matter. So, in short, no action is required if you want to get this settlement payment.

And if you believe you are a class member of this lawsuit but you haven't received such an email or mail, then you can submit an application for inclusion in the class. Once you submit such an application, you will give up the right to sue the Apple in a separate lawsuit regarding the matter of claims in this lawsuit.

You can find more detail about this lawsuit here:-

Now you know the reality of this Grace et al. v. Apple Inc. Settlement. However, if you know something more about this, then please feel free to write in the comment below.

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These days there are lots of fraudulent emails circulating around. So, we suggest you confirm everything before you follow any instructions provided on any emails.

Good Luck!

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  1. I recd an email asking me to sign up for an echeck. I thought if I didn't do anything they would just send me a check in the mail... ?

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