GoInQuiz.com Review: Legit? GoInQuiz.com Scam

What is GoInQuiz.com? “Go In Quiz” claims itself to be a platform where people can make money by reading the news but in reality, is not a genuine site. Yes, GoInQuiz.com is a scam, not a trustworthy one. Now maybe you want to find out why is GoInQuiz a scam, what makes a GoInQuiz scam, right? Well, you can definitely find the answer here within our GoInQuiz review. So, let’s begin with our Go In Quiz review.

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What is Go In Quiz? GoInQuiz.com Review

GoInQuiz is a scam site run and operated by the serial scammer group who have been running this type of scam sites since a very long time. They open such sites with the intention to scam people and when their intention gets fulfilled, they close such sites gathering the healthy sum of money from their members. But they again launch a new website with the different domain name to manipulate people. This is their way of scamming the people, especially newbies.

GoInQuiz is a company which claims to pay the members for reading the news. They offer to pay $3 to $4 for reading each news and they promise to provide at least 30 news per day to a member so that the member can earn at least $100 per day. They also claim to pay $170 for each referral that member can make and the member can also earn 15% of referral’s earnings as well. Can you guess how a legit company can sustain if they start to pay so much money just for reading the news for some seconds or minutes? Well, none of the legit companies can survive by paying such amount for reading the news, not even the top news channels.

What makes GoInQuiz.com a scam site?

First of all, GoInQuiz is operated by the serial scammer group without providing the details of their owner and address. And this is what this scammer group do every time they open the new site. They are doing this because they don’t want to be exposed to the mass as their intention is to scam people. Otherwise, we do not see any reason behind hiding their owner details, which a legit company never does.

Secondly, the payment claims made by GoInQuiz is completely bogus as they have never paid anything to any of their members. When the members request for the payment after reaching the cash-out limit which is $2700, they will keep the payment pending. When the member requests to release the payment, they will ask to upgrade the account in order to get the payment. And even when the member upgrades the account, he or she will not get any payment. This way they cheat several people collecting comparatively huge money and then disappear.

This series of scamming doesn’t end here. They will again come up with a new website to repeat the process. And people, especially newbies will fall in their course of scamming over and over again. Because they keep the website domain name different in order to mislead people. When people get to know the reality, it’s been already late because they have already invested the money and there is no chance of getting it back.

We can say GoInQuiz is from the serial scammer group because they keep everything almost the same in their websites such as their business model, website script, offers, scamming pattern, etc.

For your information, some names of similar scam sites are 17UpNews, 7SoCup, UpNews8, Deepopros, Okopros, Needsoc24, Justopros, Socline8, Up1Line, NewsHot17, MainofNews, BaseofNews, etc. Most of these previous versions are already dead.

How these sites make money? What is their motive?

This scammer group is not bothered about your hard work and money, rather they are just concerned with making money by all means. They even sell the personal information of their members i.e. their financial details, payment processor account details, email address, etc. to other parties to make money and they display the advertisements in their website and make money and so on.

These kinds of sites also trick members by making them believe that they have to pay some money to upgrade the account or to do some tasks in order to cash-out their earnings. However, if members do such tasks or upgrade their account by paying their own money, then also these kinds of sites will not pay them anything.


These types of scam sites always offer easy money making techniques which are in fact misleading. They know most of the newbies are always looking for easy ways to make money online and so they can be easily trapped. But remember that their offers are nothing. They will never pay you for your work or return your money. So don’t get involved in such scam sites. Considering the above reality, we have listed GoInQuiz under our “Scams” category and suggest you not joining this company.

So, now you are clear about what is GoInQuiz through our GoInQuiz review. However, if you still want to add or report something about GoInQuiz or want to provide your own GoInQuiz.com reviews, then please feel free to use our comment section as below.

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2 thoughts on “GoInQuiz.com Review: Legit? GoInQuiz.com Scam

  1. Dear Sir,
    Already i have read 554 news and total income $5008.00. Till today i have made 2 times request for my payout. But till now i did not receive my first payout from you that is $1004.30
    i have attached all my payout details to you for your future reference -
    1) 2020-05-02 10:49:28 $1004.30
    2) 2020-06-06 09:48:20 $4004.0
    when i finish 87 news immediately i receive a message that PROJECT NEEDS YOU READ MORE NEWS FOR MASS MEDIA. PAYOUT . if it will continue my reading work in this manner i will never get my payout from you. so now i want to clear everything from you sir. Please don't try to cheat you clients those are ambitiously working for you since long times.
    Can you tell me how many more news to read. ?

    Can you tell me when you will payout my money ?

    Can you tell me why you are not responding my feedback ?
    Can you tell me your site is a fake site or real ?
    Waiting for my early response?
    So please payout my money that is $5008.30 soon while i have given my valuable time to goinquiz to read news work as per your website declarations.
    My details.

    Name - Subrat kumar sar

    1. Please read our GoInQuiz review word by word once again. In our GoInQuiz review above, we have clearly mentioned that GoInQuiz is a scam that doesn't pay any of its members. So, why are you still expecting to get payment from this GoInQuiz scam site?

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