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In brief, Exleve is a scam. Since, Exleve operates an illegal business, known as a Ponzi Scheme. So, it might pay at starting, but will stop paying later. So, according to Exleve review, the safety index for Exleve.com is: 19/100 “illegal Ponzi Scheme”.

Now, you might be wondering why Exleve.com is a scam, right? If so, then here, we will give you an informative Exleve review, along with instructions on how to stay safe from these kinds of scams.

Exleve.com is a scam due to these reasons:

  • As we mentioned earlier in brief Exleve review, it is a Ponzi Scheme. That means, Exleve is neither a legal nor a sustainable scheme.
  • Legal authorities have warned the public to stay out of the Ponzi scheme due to its unsustainable nature.
  • The majority of members will lose their money in a Ponzi scheme. Only few ones who join the scheme at first will make some few bucks. So, you will find out some people who promote and support some Ponzi schemes, but don't follow them.

We can say Exleve is a Ponzi scheme because:

  • It doesn’t have any real source of income to pay profit to its members.
  • It claims to pay unrealistic rate of return on the investment amount of members such as, 12% daily return for 12 days, but fails to provide the proof of its income source.
Exleve Scam Or Genuine Exleve Review | De Reviews
  • Ponzi schemes like Exleve employ deceptive strategies by showcasing authentic payment proofs and initially paying a few members to create the appearance of profitability. However, the nature of such schemes leads to financial losses for the majority of participants.
  • The business strategy of Exleve.com bears resemblance to multiple Ponzi scam sites, including Bemarg, Indalend, Wizerpeople, Exgoat, and others.

Don't fall for registration documents provided by Ponzi Schemes:

  • Beware of Ponzi schemes that present registration documents from the United Kingdom or Hong Kong as a means to deceive individuals.
  • Don't believe such documents, as they do not serve as a license to operate an investment company.
  • These registrations are typically for tax purposes and do not guarantee the legitimacy of the business.
  • Many businesses with similar registrations had exposed as scams in the past.

It also operates Pyramid Scheme:

  • Exleve also operates another illegal scheme, known as a Pyramid scheme.
  • Any company which pays the referral commission up to a multi-level downline without selling any real products or services is known as a Pyramid scheme.
  • So, we can say Exleve is a Pyramid Scheme because it is claiming to pay referral commission up to 3 levels downline but without selling any real products or services, just on the sales of its Ponzi ROI plans.
Exleve pyramid scheme | De Reviews

Common Queries Related to Exleve Review:

After knowing the truth of Exleve, now you might have some queries like:

  • How to get refund from it?
  • How to stay safe from similar kinds of sites?
  • Where can we encounter with similar kinds of scams?

Well, you can find the answers to these queries in detail below:

How to get a refund from scams like Exleve?

It is almost impossible to get a refund from Ponzi Schemes like Exleve.com. However, still you can try these methods:

  1. Withdraw as soon as possible: If have already invest in Exleve without knowing it's a scam, then it's better to withdraw your money as soon as possible. Since, most of Ponzi Schemes pay few members at starting to lure more people into their scams.
  2. Keep records of everything: Write down all the info about your investment, save chats with the company, like pictures, emails, and order confirmations, so that you can show them to legal authorities later.
  3. Contact bank or other payment services that you have used:
    • You should contact your bank or credit card company, so that you can ask them to help you to get a refund.
    • If you had used other payment methods, then reach out to support staff of that company and ask them to help you to get your money back.
  4. Report to Authorities: Report the scams like Exleve to relevant authorities, such as the FBIFTC, etc. or your country's concerned legal agencies.
  5. Keep an eye on your accounts: To prevent additional unauthorized charges by the scammer, closely monitor your financial accounts. So, change passwords and enable two-factor authentication on your online accounts for added security.
  6. If nothing works or you lost a lot of money: Think about talking to a legal expert or concerned group. Since, they can guide you on taking legal action against the websites/companies that scammed you.

But remember, how well these steps work can vary. Since, it depends on where you live, how you paid, and the rules of your credit card company or PayPal.

How to stay safe from scams like Exleve?

Here are some tips that can save you from scams like Exleve:

  1. Search about the company: Before you put your money, try to find out the reality of the company. Firstly, check for reviews, ratings, and what customers say. Furthermore, check given contact info, since real businesses have a real address and contact info. Scams may have fake or none.
  2. Watch out for deals that seem too good: Scams like Exleve use super high rate of return to trick you. So, don't invest anywhere which seems too good to be true.
  3. Use Safe Payment Methods: Stick to popular and safe payment methods, such as credit cards or PayPal if available. In contrast, be highly suspicious of websites that only accept payment forms like gift cards, wire transfers, etc.
  4. Use Strong passwords: Use unique, hard-to-guess passwords for your payment accounts. Moreover, add two-factor authentication for extra safety.
  5. Watch for Phishing Attempts: Be cautious of emails from unknown senders with links. So, check the link before clicking it. Moreover, look at the website's URL to make sure it's not fake and related to the website name.
  6. Be Careful with Your Personal info: Avoid any websites asking for too much personal info.

What are the possible ways to encounter with scams like Exleve?

You may spot scams like Exleve in following ways:

1. Phishing Emails and Messages:

Scammers send emails that look like they're from real company, but they're fake. They might have company logos and all. But be careful, these emails might have links to fake websites that want to take your personal info or payment details.

2. Social Media Ads and Posts:

Scammers can make ads and posts on social media that look real. They show high rate of return on your investment within few days. But when you click on them, they take you to fake websites like Exleve.

3. Search Results:

  • Scam websites can show up in search results for popular stuff.
  • For example, scam websites copy famous brands, with similar logos and designs and show up in search results or in social media ads. So, check the website's address (URL) and look for differences in the branding.

5. Pop-Up Ads:

Be careful with pop-up ads when you're on any websites. Since, some of them might take you to fake websites or try to make you download viruses.

6. Fake Mobile Apps:

Be cautious when you download and use apps. Because, scammers can make fake ones that look like popular apps. They want your personal info and payment details.

7. Unexpected Calls:

Scammers can call, pretending to be from famous companies, and ask for your personal or payment info. So, always make sure they're who they say they are before sharing anything.

8. Emails and Messages from “Friends”:

Scammers can hack emails or social media and send messages to your contacts, suggesting great deals. So, double-check with your friends before clicking links.

Our Final Verdict on Exleve review:

After a careful assessment of the info provided in this Exleve review, it is clear that Exleve engages in illegal activities, categorizing it as a fraudulent business.

If you want to report something about it or add your own Exleve review, then please feel free to leave your comment below.

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FAQs related to Exleve review:

Is Exleve.com a safe platform to invest in?

As mentioned earlier in this Exleve review, it is not a secure platform for investment. Exleve.com is categorized as a Ponzi scheme scam, which poses a significant risk of financial loss. Authorities have warned the public to stay away from Ponzi schemes.

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is like a fancy trick where someone promises you big profits for investing your money. They say you'll get rich quick! But here's the catch: they don't actually make money through any real business. Instead, they use the money from new people joining the scheme to pay off the earlier investors.

So, it keeps going as long as new people keep joining. But when no one new comes in, everything falls apart, and most people end up losing their money. If you want to find out in detail what is Ponzi Scheme and how is it operated, then you can click this link: https://de-reviews.com/ponzi-scheme/

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

Imagine a pyramid-shaped building, where the people at the top recruit more people below them, and those people recruit even more people below them. Each person has to pay money to the person who recruited them.

The ones at the top make lots of money because they get a share from everyone below.

But the problem is that there's no real product or service being sold. It's all about recruiting more people and getting their money. Eventually, the pyramid gets too big, and there aren't enough new recruits to sustain it. Then, the whole thing collapses, and most people end up losing their money.

When was its domain "Exleve.com" registered?

As per WHOIS, the domain "Exleve.com" was registered on 2023-02-02.

Exleve WHOIS Details | De Reviews

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Note: This Exleve review is based on the info available as of the mentioned date. But websites like this often change, so even if you see different stuff later, it’s still a scam.

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