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cute things say your girlfriend | De Reviews

Who doesn’t want to make their girlfriend happy and joyful? Everyone, if their relationship is going well. In every relationship, expression of feeling is must to keep the relationship live, fresh and deep. But what matters most is the way of expressing them in right manner and time. Sometimes it may be taken the wrong way which can ruin the relationship though your intentions are good. So, whatever, whenever and wherever you express your feelings, you must be aware about the situations. These little nice things to say to your girlfriend can bring huge difference in your love life in terms of happiness and devotion.

cute things say your girlfriend | De Reviews

Here we have listed some of the lovely and cute things, say your girlfriend those lovely things because when you express those things lovingly, you will definitely get more love and care in return. “I love you” is definitely the unbeatable one forever. Even in some cases these are the things to say to get your girlfriend back if she still care about you.

OK, here are some cute things to tell your girlfriend:-

  • I love you or I love you to the moon and back honey.
  • I love the way you are, don’t ever change yourself for anyone or anything.
  • You are my life and I cannot imagine it without you.
  • You are my ultimate source of inspiration.
  • What would I have done without you?
  • I will always keep you happy.
  • Will you be my life partner?
  • I want to spent whole life with you.
  • I feel you in my breathe, so cannot stop loving you more.
  • I want to be in your loving embrace whenever I am down.
  • It’s either you or no one else in my life.
  • You are very special to me.
  • You make my life so special.
  • My life is so beautiful because I have you with me.
  • I feel so lucky to have you in my life.
  • You are my better half honey.
  • I am and will always be there for you my lady.
  • I want to hold you tight.
  • I want to have another lady in my life, a copy of you,,,,,,our daughter.
  • I cannot wait to meet you again.
  • The first thing that came in my mind is you.
  • You are my happiness and I owe you the same.
  • I cannot stop myself thinking about you, when I open my eyes there’s you, when I close it, there’s you, everywhere I see you, I feel you, cannot help it.
  • I love you with all that I am and all that I will ever be.
  • I will be missing you when you are not around.
  • I get lost in your eyes, they are so beautiful and expressive.
  • I am thankful to God that he created you for me.
  • You deserve the best, so I will try to be the best man in your life, your Mr. Perfectionist.
  • You are so beautiful that I think even angles get jealous of you.
  • I get jealous when you give more attention to others. I want you just to be mine..I mean it just mine.
  • Your smile makes my day, it’s so cute and warm.
  • You are my dream girl, my soul mate, love of my life.
  • I will always be there for you when you need me.
  • I will just be there by your side in every ups and downs.
  • It’s only you who can understand me the way I am.
  • You are the one who understand my feelings.
  • I want you to be in my life and make my world a happier place.
  • When you are with me, everything happens in right way.
  • I cherish every moment we spent together.
  • I am speechless and breathless when I saw you first time, then I fall in love with you over again, every time we met.
  • You are as lovely as the roses and the moon.
  • I look at the mirror and smile thinking that you are holding me tight.
  • I really want to thank you for being with me in my hard times.
  • I love talking to you whole day and night if possible.
  • I feel complete when I meet you.
  • I can feel your touch and I love it.
  • Whenever I dial the no., I dial yours; you are so much in my mind.
  • I may not be your world but for me you are my world
  • I cannot say how wonderful you are, I am scared if I can match you.
  • You are too hot to resist.
  • You bring best out of me which even I myself cannot.
  • I do not care what other think but you matter the most to me.

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