Review - Virtual Land At Atlas Earth Scam or Legit? Is It Genuine?

You must be here to find out the reality of the Atlas Earth project where you can purchase virtual land for real money as an investment and then make money by renting that property. So, you may want to know either you should invest in this project or not, either is an Atlas Earth fake or trustworthy app. If so, then you are in the right place since we are going to explain here what is Atlas Earth in real through this Atlas Earth review.

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Is Atlas Earth Genuine? Can You Become Rich Using this App?

Well, according to us, Atlas Earth is at grey line to called it a genuine business because we don't believe any business which sells something that doesn't exist. You are buying something in this project which you can’t use. That means you are investing in this project only to make money but not to purchase any real products or services. This makes clear that this project can be collapsed anytime if the flow of new investors starts to decline.

It encourages you to invest in a virtual property and make a commission out of that in a name of rent. If we take out "virtual land" and "rent" terms, then it looks like a Ponzi scheme since here you are investing for not any real products or services but just to make a commission.

One parcel of land costs five dollars from which you will make money every seconds as per it claims. We don't deny that you can make money every seconds, but question is how much? If you calculate the numbers, you will be very frustrated if you have already invested in it. As per the users calculation who have bought $5 parcel, they need to wait for more than 100 years just to make five dollars.

OK, now let's talk about its 30 times boost.

As per its claims, you can boost your earnings up to 30 times if you watch videos (advertisements) every hour inside the app. However, those users who did it, as per their calculation, they still need to wait at least 3 years to make $5 dollars. Moreover, you should know that watching ads and making money is old fashion flopped business which have never worked. Such kinds of businesses used to offer upgrade option to make more money. Its virtual land purchase and 30 times boots sounds same.

So, it is not a new kind of business. It is an old concept business with tricky investment options and marketing schemes. It only looks like new but it is a combination of old unsustainable businesses.

The only way this business may survive if it can get such advertisers who are ready to pay good amount of money. But, it's hard to find such advertisers since those advertisers have option to advertise on reputed platforms like Google AdSense, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook, etc. and that is also with specific people targeting options. So, why will they pay more money on this app than on those platforms for advertisements?

There are also some users who think this is a best money making opportunity. They believe that there will be boost and earning boost, so they can earn more in the future as project develops more. They also believes that the value of land will increase and they can sell it in a bigger value and make profit. Well, if users can make profit in such a way, then this will be considered as a Ponzi Scheme because you are investing money on non-existing thing (neither service nor any useful product) like investment plans of Ponzi scheme in a promise of ROI. So, if users start to make a profit in such a way, then this app may also face legal issues considering it as a Ponzi Scheme.

People may also say that investing in a cryptocurrency is also a virtual thing. Well, cryptocurrency has a value and purpose and they exist. Unlike Atlas Earth virtual land, you can use cryptocurrency in real market to purchase stuff or exchange with cash. Although lots of people are investing in cryptocurrency for a return but the main purpose of cryptocurrency is to make virtual currency so that online transactions will be easy and fees will be less. So, there is a big difference between investing in Atlas Earth and investing in cryptocurrency.

Final Verdict:

Aforementioned, it is clear that you can't make any good income from Atlas Earth app at the moment. And even if you can make good amount of money in the future, then still its business sustainability and legality is questionable. So, we don't recommend the Atlas Earth.

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2 thoughts on “ Review - Virtual Land At Atlas Earth Scam or Legit? Is It Genuine?

  1. they are a scam, read the terms of service and then even if you follow it you will violate it by simply playing the game, according to the developers themselves. my account went missing somehow unlinked from my email. even though i provided my email phone number name and all they refused to do anything besides sudo hreaten me by saying i have technically two accounts and im violating terms.... all i did was hit the login with google... trust me the purchase histry and all that proves it was my gmail that owned the first account but eve after providing all that proof i was basically told to screw off by the heads themselves. they refused to een follow he expected use case of replenishing the atlas bucks i proved i bought onto the new account simply nothing... i also let them know im a disabled person and it seems kinda funny this happened almost 30 days exactly after i hit my 150th land and didnt buy any more... i could share all the screenshots here but its kinda pointless just would show the clown act when i kept bringing up the fcts hey refused to accept.

  2. There is actually no difference between this and cryptocurrency. Both are a potential store-of-value, just like traditional real estate. Yes, people may speculate on this virtual real estate. Good for us virtual land-owners if they do. But that doesn’t detract from virtual land’s ability to store value. Just like virtual currency. Thank you! It was a good article nonetheless.

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