What is AglocoPTR? Is AglocoPTR.com Scam or Legit?

Aglocoptr.com Review

It is a series of scam company which is similar to other scam sites like Paypermails, Fmptr and so on without any real products or real source of income to generate revenue.

What is Aglocoptr.com business model?

It claims to pay $500 for signing up into their website. They also offer to pay $100 for reading a mail in their website. What an amazing offers they are providing, isn’t it? Well it would have been if only they have a positive intention to pay but unfortunately, they are just making a louder noise to attract people and nothing else. And they cannot pay such high amount even if they want to because no any legit company which are actually operating legally and truly paying can make so much profit from any of their legit business and offer so much high return and that is also for such simple tasks.

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Why is Aglocoptr.com a scam company?

First of all, It is registered privately hiding the information of their owner as well as the address of the company. With this evidence, it’s very clear that they are hiding their identity so that no one can identify them after scamming people. Legit companies never hide their information from the public because they don’t have any fear of being recognized or caught. So the owner of this company has a clear mission to deceive people with their money and shut down the business after mission completion.

Secondly, It has no record of making payment to their affiliates in any manner. The way of scamming their members are always similar. All their payment claims are just bogus and unjustifiable. People have placed lots of complaints about this company in the forums regarding their scam offers and defaulting cases. Rather getting payment from the company after reaching the cash-out limit, the affiliates are asked to upgrade their accounts to get paid. And when the affiliates upgrade their accounts after paying money from their own pocket, this company still does not pay anything.

They also don’t hesitate to sell their members’ personal information to the other parties in order to make money. That information includes their email address, credit card details, payment processor account details etc. They sell email address to the marketing companies and those companies use them in a different manner i.e. sending series of emails for their products and services promotion, they sell the other personal information to other parties who make fake citizenship or passport in their names and utilize them in illegal works.

What we finally say?

All the above-mentioned factors about Aglocoptr clearly speak out the truth that it is a scam company which is opened with the clear intention to scam people.

What we would like to suggest is that we must find out some basic information about the company before joining them for our online earning like the owner of the company, their WHOIS details, their payment pattern, their real products or their source of income, their business modality, market response etc. The newbies who are their easy target must be more conscious on their online job selection.

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