About TikTok Ghost Detector Filter AI Manga. How To Use It?

If you are on TikTok, then you may have noticed that many TikTok users are using AI Manga filter and claiming that this filter is detecting or hunting ghost and calling it "TikTok Ghost Detector Filter AI Manga". So, you may want to know, is it really detecting the ghost or not. Let's find it out.

About TikTok Ghost Detector Filter AI Manga How to use it | De Reviews

Does AI Manga TikTok filter really detect the ghost?

Well, in short, we should say it doesn't, considering the scientific facts. Even the developer didn't make it to detect the ghost. It is a filter which can make something out of something. For example, if you use this filter on any empty sitting or laying down furniture like Chairs, Beds, etc., then most of the time, it just adds some person there which is considered as ghost. If there is already a person, it just makes the background look nice by editing or adding something. Moreover, it just changes the reality and show you the fantasy (anime) side of the reality you are capturing.

We also talked about it with some app developers, and they just explained what we have explained above. So, we don't think it is capturing any ghost. But, if you are the one who enjoy the imaginary world, then you can think and believe whatever you want. After all, TikTok is made to have some fun and enjoyment. So, you can enjoy calling this AI Manga app whatever you like, but at least don't go beyond to make other users afraid of it. Traumatizing the other is definitely not what TikTok is for. It's always better to have fun being in the limit of humanity.

How to use TikTok AI Manga Filter?

In order to use this filter, you can follow the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Go to your TikTok app and then click Create button which looks like "+".
  2. Click "Effects" which you can find in the bottom left corner.
  3. Click on "Search" icon and then search for "AI Manga".
  4. Click "AI Manga", and then tap the screen to capture the place or person you want to be on your video. After that, it will take few time to change the reality that you are capturing into animation.

Final Verdict:

You should not believe whatever you saw on TikTok, that is exactly what goes for TikTok Ghost Detecting or Hunting claims.

Please feel free to report in the comment below if you find any suspicious activities on TikTok.

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These days, there are lots of fraudulent and scam activities and advertisements circulating around the TikTok. So, we suggest you confirm everything before you follow any videos on TikTok blindly.

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