What is Space Travel? History of Space Travel

Simple Space Travel Definition:

Space in general term means the vast region which is beyond earth’s atmosphere which starts hundred km above the earth’s crust. And travel means taking a trip. So space travel means traveling above the earth’s atmosphere. The professional space travelers are named as astronauts.

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Space Travel Information:

It is also said that space travel is spaceflight of manned spacecrafts. Thus when used space technology to take a flight in space orbit is space travel. It’s the voyage outside the earth’s atmosphere. When the spacecraft travels in the air, friction creates heat up to temperature of 2690 degrees. So when first spacecrafts were launched they destroyed, but today the technology has been developed in spacecrafts which help to absorb some of the heat to keep them safe from explosion.

Space travel refers to Spaceflight and Spacefaring (source:Wikipedia). Spaceflight is using spacecraft to travel outer space of earth’s atmosphere with the help of space technology which include:

  • Intergalactic travel which is traveling between galaxies.

  • Interstellar travel which is traveling between stars.

  • Interplanetary travel which is traveling between planets of single planetary system.

  • Human Spaceflight which is traveling for space exploration and space adventures (tourism purpose).

Space travel Spacefaring is the capacity and knowledge of space, space technologies, spacecraft/space transport/spaceplanes, orbit mechanics etc. used for space travel in space suit.

Interesting facts about Space Travel from history of Space Travel:

  • 1942 - German V2 was the first rocket to reach space.
  • 1947 - Fruit flies were sent to the space.
  • 1957 - Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite into the space.
  • 1957 - Russian space dog Laika to orbit earth.
  • 1959 - Luna 2, unmanned Russian space craft landed on the moon but unfortunately crashed.
  • 1961 - Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin was the first human being to orbit earth.
  • 1958 - Explorer 1, the U.S. satellite flied into orbit.
  • 1960s - Before mankind step into the moon, unmanned spacecraft photographed and probed the moon.
  • 1961 - Alan Shepard was the first American to fly in the space.
  • 1962 - John Glenn was the first American to orbit earth.
  • 1963 - Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman to enter space.
  • 1966 - First U.S. spacecraft landed on the moon
  • 1969 - Neil Armstrong, an American astronaut, engineer, was the first mankind to make a travel of 250,000 miles to step on to the moon with safe return to earth.
  • 1970 - Apollo 13 was launched to the moon, but explosion on board happened. Astronauts returned on earth safely resolving the problem caused by that explosion.
  • 1971 - US astronauts explore the moon three times.
  • 1986 - Space shuttle challenger launched caught the explosion killing all astronauts.
  • 2000 - Permanent crew members are living and working in space at International Space Station
  • 2001 - Dennis Tito was the first non astronaut, a citizen to travel space paying $ 20 million.
  • 559 man kinds have done space travel throughout the five decades of human spaceflights.

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