What is NewsHot17.com? Is NewsHot17 a Scam?

NewsHot17.com is just another scam site opened and operated by the same scammers group who have been running this type of scam sites since very long time. They open such sites with the intention to scam people and when their intention gets fulfilled, they close such sites gathering healthy sum of money from their affiliates. But every time they launch new website with different domain name to manipulate people. This is their way of scamming the people specially newbies.

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What is News Hot 17? NewsHot17 review.

NewsHot17.com is a company which claims to pay the affiliates viewing or reading their news. They offer to pay $3 to $4 for each news viewing or reading and they will provide at least 30 news per day to an affiliate, so that the affiliate can earn at least $100 per day. They also claim to pay $170 to the affiliate for getting a single referral in their site and can earn 15% of referral’s earnings as commission. Can you guess how a legit company can sustain in long run if they start to pay so much money just for viewing the ads? Well, we do not get any reasonable answer to this question.

What makes NewsHot17.com a scam site?

First of all, this site is opened by the same scammers group as we mentioned above without providing the details of their owner or the operator, address of the website and registration details in both the website as well as WHOIS details. And this is what this scammers group does every time they open the new site. They are doing this because they don’t want to be exposed in the mass as their intention is to scam the people or they were involved in scamming previously. Otherwise we do not see any reason behind hiding their website’s authentic details, which a legit company never does.

Secondly, the payment claims made by this site is completely bogus as they have never paid anything to any of their affiliates. When the affiliate request for the payment after reaching the cash out limit which is $2700, they will keep the payment pending. When the affiliate requests to release the payment, they will ask to upgrade the account in order to get the payment. And even when the affiliate upgrades the account, he or she will not get any payment. This way they cheat several people collecting comparatively huge money and then disappear.

This series of scamming doesn’t end here. They will again come up with new website to repeat the process. And people specially newbies fall in their course of scamming over and over again. Because they keep the website domain name different in order to mislead people. When people get to know the reality, it’s been already late because they have already invested the money and there is no chance of getting it back.

What they mistaken in every sites is that they keep everything same in them except their domain name i.e. their business model, offers, WHOIS details, scamming pattern etc.

For your information, some names of new versions of such scam sites are CapitalofNews, MainofNews, MajorNews, BaseofNews, SoCupNews etc. These new versions are still alive and scamming people in same manner as we explained earlier. The old versions of these sites are NewsDoc, TillNews, QuestofNews, StatofNews, NewsPerson, AllNewsRound, DoneNews, DirexNews, LuckiNews etc. Most of these previous versions are already dead. The new versions of sites are opened keeping the website theme and domain name different but all other features are exactly same as of previous ones.

The scammers group is not bother about your hard work and money, rather they are just concerned in making money by all means. They even sell the information of their affiliates i.e. their credit card details, payment processor account details, email address etc. to other parties to make money and they display the advertisements in their website and make money and so on.


These types of scam sites always offer easy money making techniques which are in fact misleading. They know most of the newbies are always looking for easy ways to make money online and so they can be easily trapped. But remember that their offers are nothing. They will never pay you for your work or return your money. So don’t get involved in such scam sites without fully knowing about them. Considering the above reality, we have listed NewsHot17.com under our “Scams” category and suggest not joining this company for your online work.

So, now you are clear about what is NewsHot17 through our NewsHot17.com review. However, if you still want to add or report something about NewsHot17.com, then please feel free to use our comment section as below.

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