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Define UCLA Meaning UCLA Definition UCLA | De Reviews

If you are looking for what does UCLA mean, the meaning of UCLA, the acronym of UCLA, the definition of UCLA, the abbreviation of UCLA, then you are in the right platform because here we are going to provide you the UCLA slang meaning, the UCLA definition, the UCLA acronym, the UCLA abbreviation as well as how this acronym UCLA is used over the conversations.

So, then what is UCLA? For what does UCLA stand?

Define UCLA Meaning UCLA Definition UCLA | De Reviews

UCLA stands for the short version of the “University of California at Los Angeles" which is a branch of the University of California System and was established in 1919 in Westwood, Los Angeles. UCLA is a highly rated public research university which offers not only quality education but also helps students to think out of the box and provide research and discovery centers, an elite Division I athletics programme, art programmes and also a hospital in the Western United States, The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center which is also one of the top-ranked hospitals in U.S.A. UCLA has more than thirty thousand undergraduate students enrollment with highly competitive admission procedures. The UCLA Bruins compete in the Pac-12 Conference of NCAA’s Division I and are well known for their successful men’s and women’s water polo teams.

UCLA also offers more than 1,000 student organizations which provide them huge opportunities to explore their interests and confidence.

UCLA faculty provide more than 5000 courses annually and has 240 undergraduate and graduate majors. UCLA has more than twenty-five academic programs that are ranked among the top 20 in their disciplines. The UCLA graduates have a bunch of experience in their subject as well as in other extracurricular activities due to the exposures provided by UCLA to their students.

Some of the UCLA academic majors are Education, Business and Economics, Engineering and Science, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Physical Science, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Computer Science, Psychology, Arts and Humanities, Clinical, Pre-clinical and Health, Economics, Law, Mathematics, and Statistics, etc.

UCLA undergraduate academic year begins with a year-long Freshman Cluster Course that is a stimulating team-taught exploration of one of 10 challenging interdisciplinary topics. Moreover, in 200 Fiat Lux Seminars, the freshmen also get priority enrollment where they are taught by senior faculty in small-group settings of approximately 20 students.

UCLA also focus on community service for the undergraduate education where they can participate in the group of Volunteer students (Volunteer Center) working different community service projects as well as in their annual community service programs where huge number of UCLA Volunteer gathered together.

Ranking of UCLA with widely accepted indicators of excellence.:

17th - World University Rankings 2019 and 2020

25th- US Rankings 2019

9th- World Reputation Rankings 2019

Athletic Division- NCAA Division I-FBS

Website: ucla.edu

UCLA is offering both academic excellence as well as the life experience to its graduates who later in life can stand for themselves as well as to the community and make the best out of it.

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