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Redcraft Shop Scam Or Genuine? Redcraft Shop Review
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This is a detailed information about Redcraft Shop online store to find out either is a Redcraft .Shop scam or a legit company. Our Redcraft Shop review will help you to figure out whether you shall trust this site or not to make any online purchase.

Redcraft Shop Scam or Genuine Redcraft Shop Review | De Reviews

Redcraft Shop is considered to be suspicious because of the below stated facts:

  • Its parent company name Siki Eagle Sarl, which is provided on its TERMS AND CONDITIONS, is found to be used by multiple problematic sites. You can find the list of problematic sites with this parent company name either by searching Siki Eagle Sarl on our website or by clicking the TAG below. Although it has provided its parent company name as Siki Eagle Sarl, but it may change its parent company name and address in the future since lots of similar kinds of sites are found to be doing so.
  • It has listed lots of products on sale with heavy discount claims. Mostly scam sites are found to be offering such kind of discounts to attract people into their scam. For example, it has listed these products on sale – Ceramic Koi Set Garden/Home Decor, Animal Carving Handcraft Wall Decor, Vacuum Cleaner-Make, Honeycomb Anti Collision Knee Pads, Adjustable Classic Panama Hat, Magnifying Glass Necklace, Daisy Laundry Hair And Lint Catcher, Halloween Pumpkin Snack Bowl Stand, Grinch Christmas Pendant Resin Ornament, etc.
  • It has provided the fake trust seal logos of McAfee, VeriSign and Norton, etc. on its Product Details pages.
  • The website theme and lots of other details provided on its website match with multiple problematic sites.
  • Social media icon linked to its business related social media page is not available. However, legit online store mostly provide social media icons linked to their social media group, pages or profiles. So, it may not have a social media presence.
  • You can find lots of similar kinds of online stores with complaints about their product quality, delivery time, as well as about customer support.


Based on the above stated reasons, we can conclude that Redcraft Shop is a suspicious online store.

You can find the lots of suspicious sites listed within our “Suspicious” category, you can find about various kinds of scams by scrolling within our “Scams” category, you can find a short review as above by scrolling within our “Brief Reviews” category, or you can navigate our website through our home page to find out the several interesting and knowledgeable articles under different categories by clicking >HERE<.

If you want to say something about this company, then please feel free to place your comment below. Also, feel free to share this review with your friends and families through your social media accounts to make them aware of this online store.

NOTE: These kinds of sites are found to be changing their website name as well as whole content of their website from time to time. So, the above review is based on the details provided on its website on aforementioned date. If you find any other details than what we have provided on this review later, then that means this online store has changed its details. However, that still makes it a suspicious site.

12 thoughts on “Redcraft Shop Scam Or Genuine? Redcraft Shop Review
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  1. I ordered 3-ceramic koi fish. I received ONE and it had a fin broken off! Return address on the package says: ESG
    9835 Alpaca St
    South El Monte, CA
    Thoroughly dissatisfied with this piece of junk!
    Couldn’t find a proper e-mail and address shows to be in a building with other businesses.

  2. Thank goodness I did not pay a lot of $$$.for my bear cub in a tree “carving”! It is not a carving but a cheap piece of garbage. Do not use this company!

  3. Worst company ever! Not only were the 2 “carvings” not carvings at all, but I emailed 6 times and got no response regarding a return. Found a phone number once, but it was bogus also. They shod be shut down for being such a scam company. They take your money and give you crap products.

  4. It must be a scam! I placed an order for o$135 on Dec 28th and it’s still saying “waiting to ship”. I have emailed them 3 times and have gotten no response.

  5. Scam!!! I ordered the moose. It’s a picture glued to a thin piece of wood-product. Not wood at all!! Emailed and zero response. Buyer beware!!!

  6. I agree with them it is a scam i ordered a deer carving on November 28th and I am still waiting for it , they sent me a tracking number and kept saying it will be here by Christmas

  7. I ordered the eagle on November 29 I paid for it with my card which they took some money I have not heard another word from them this company is not a good company do not order from them. I plan on reporting them to Better Business Bureau.

  8. I agree with Peg.This site is a scam I ordered the wolf and bear. It’s only a print on a 1/8 inch piece of plywood.
    Not carved out of wood

  9. My opinion: DO NOT TRUST
    I purchased an item that I find was misrepresented in the product description and manufactureing process. The item “carved” animal wall hanging was actually printed on a 1/8” piece of plywood. No response from company has been received.

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