Review: Legit? Comfy Garden Clogs Scam

MyGardenClogs complaints MyGardenClogs fake or real MyGardenClogs legit or fraud | De Reviews

You should be careful with the My Garden Clogs online store which is also known as Comfy Garden Clogs because MyGardenClogs is a fraudulent online store. Yes, is a scam, not a genuine or trustworthy online store. Now let’s find out why is My Garden Clogs a scam, what makes a scam and what is in real through our MyGardenClogs review here. So, let’s begin with our My Garden Clogs review / Comfy Garden Clogs review.

MyGardenClogs complaints MyGardenClogs fake or real MyGardenClogs legit or fraud | De Reviews

My Garden Clogs, also known as Comfy Garden Clogs, which is claiming to sell Clogs, Sandals, and Slippers is a scam online store due to the following reasons:-

# The trust seal logos such as McAfee, VeriSign and so on presented on the cart and product detail pages of MyGardenClogs website are not clickable. The trust seal logos presented on the Checkout page of MyGardenClogs send us to the home page of website when we click on them. However, the real trust seal logos should be clickable and should send us to the official website of respective trust seal providers when we click on them so that we can verify those trust seals. So, it is clear that MyGardenClogs has provided the fake trust seal logos, not the real ones. This is a big warning bell as none of the legit sites will try to trick people by showing them fake trust seal logos.

# Although MyGardenClogs provides the option to purchase the items using the credit card, it hasn’t provided the required security measures to secure the credit card information of the clients and has tried to trick people by showing the fake trust seal logos. So if you shop at this site, your credit card information can be stolen.

# These days multiple new online stores are claiming to sell various items on huge discount, but most of them are scams. So, it’s better to stay away from the new online stores or at least do some research before you purchase something from the new online stores because most of these new online stores don’t deliver the purchased items to their clients or, deliver completely different or very low-quality items. Some of these kinds of online stores even have charged the credit card of clients randomly without their consent. So, if you have ever purchased mistakenly from scam sites, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card information.

Now you must be clear why is a My Garden Clogs scam through our review as above. However, if you still want to add your own reviews or want to say something about it, then please feel free to leave your comment below.

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20 thoughts on “ Review: Legit? Comfy Garden Clogs Scam

  1. I too purchased clogs online from My Garden Clogs. They arrived but were too big. I immediately contacted them to arrange a return & replacement but have not received any response to my many emails.

  2. They keep sending me texts even though I have told them to stop.

    I did buy some clogs and they wete good, but I don't need anymore. They won't stop bothering me.

  3. This company is definitely a scam! They sent a pair, but it was the wrong size and color, and they won't follow up with my emails requesting a return. Don't be fooled. Just get the real things!

  4. You say to trust Amazon Stores. "my garden /Comfy Garden clogs"-has been carried by Amazon for years. Who is co-opting scammers-in the act of criminal neglect-through not de-platforming pedatory scam make cover businesses.This same information you furnished is revealing-(thank you)-after the fact that I have recently made an order with them and I'm concerned. Already they are stalling me with the delivery of my Order of about $40. -First "3-5 days" -Now e-mailing me with "14 to 21 days from this notification" (This included shipping.) The security verification information you furnished is very helpful. I learned about this before. I did not exercise that caution- which I should have. I uncovered similar VALUABLE scam exposing facts about this business, on a site like your own-which reveals the administrative headquarters of this company to be in Toronto Canada. However the contact phone number Listed on the site is in New York City, NY. And nobody picks up the phone there either. I am never buying anything from this Merchandiser ever again. I've had to change debit cards 3 times this past year Because of online Identity theft Activity phishing. Please continue your courageous and heroic Expert exposition of them all. I advise everyone to Appreciate the Reliability of your Warnings! Again I gratefully thank you.

  5. It has been over a month and I never received my order. No response to any emails and contact phone always gives a busy signal. I now contact the company before making any purchases to ensure I can communicate with a human being.

  6. Did not know the company was based in Ontario Canada until I saw their physical address at the bottom of one of their emails. Assuming that is not fraudulent. Also was charged an International Service Assessment of 1% because it's an international payment. I feel that is fraudulent because Comfy Garden Clogs doesn't tell you that.

  7. Do NOT order from these scammers! I’ve not received my order and no response from company, I’m furious that they’re still advertising too. It’s been over 2 months….again, do not order from them!

  8. COMFY CLOGS ARE A RIP OFF SELLING CHINEESE JUNK AND RIPPING OFF CUSTOMERS! beware do not buy from this company you will get burned 6/20/2022

  9. I ordered two pairs of clogs from them. Charged my credit card, never received anything from them, so I called the number listed on the website and it doesnt work. So wrote them and ask for my clogs, they responded with a form letter saying they would get back to me in a couple of days, that was two weeks ago, have not heard from them at all. Wrote again and nothing. They are a scam, there are plenty of legitimate companies that wont scam you and take your money. Be careful.

  10. I placed order and never got confirmation on shipping. They ran my credit card in 2 days. I have sent 4 request for update and keep getting message with a # to reference. They have never gave me ant information. Tried to call them and # is bogus. Their is not reviews if you click on the stars. This company is a scam. Do not order from them because you will not be happy. And no I never received clogs I ordered.

  11. I ordered Purple Potato Seeds from "" and got billed from "" for the exact amount that the seeds cost. I can't say these two sites are connected but it sure seems like it. I just got off the phone with Paypal. They don't have a selection for getting scammed like this in their resolution center, but if you call them they will handle it.

  12. This company sold me some seeds which i never got. Now they are selling clogs and paid thru PayPal but used a tracking company that is also being used to scam people. I made my claim to PayPal but will not refund the money because they have a tracking number showing that the merchandise was delivered when it was not.lost $39.88

  13. I placed a Paypal order for two pairs of clogs from this site TWO months ago and have not received them. I have emailed them three times asking where are my clogs. The response was should be any day. If you read on their site (which I failed to do when I ordered) it even says that your package may get hung up in Customs. This is a total scam from China or some other money-grabbing Third World Country. I am going to try and get my money back from Paypal, but have serious doubts now. Beware!!!

    1. It's better not to include whole country just because of a few scammers. Every country has bad people.

  14. If you are to make any purchase from My Garden Clogs, think twice. My experience with My Garden Clogs was extremely unpalatable. The background was simple: I ordered a pair of Blue clogs (order #23299) from them, but they wrongfully sent me a pair of black ones. On the very day I received this pair of wrong colour ones, I immediately notify them of the wrong by email. The next day, their representative, Sophia M, replied, admitting that there might have been a mix-up at the warehouse during packaging and labelling. Sophia asked me to send them a photo of the incorrect product to verify my claim (which I immediately did) and promised that they would send me a replacement as soon as possible.

    However, 2 days later, they arranged another representative, Olivia A to contact me by email. Olivia only agreed to offer me a 5% off my next order without mentioning the replacement. I immediately informed Olivia that the offer was unacceptable and insisted on a replacement. Since then, My Garden Clogs has failed and/or refused to give any response to my request for replacement despite my numerous emails to them. In short, they simply turned a deaf ear to my request for replacement, despite the fact that My Garden Clogs should be held liable solely for sending a pair of wrong colour clogs to me. This incident clearly shows that My Garden Clogs is an extremely irresponsible seller, in that, once you have paid, they will not be responsible for any after-sale service. Think twice and keep your figures crossed if you are to place any orders on My Garden Clogs.

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