JFYI acronym. JFYI meaning. What is JFYI?

Are you searching for the meaning of JFYI, the acronym of JFYI, the definition JFYI, the abbreviation of JFYI to find out what JFYI means? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place, because here we are going to provide you the JFYI slang meaning, the JFYI definition, JFYI abbreviation. Here we are also going to discuss how this JFYI is used in communication.

So, then what does JFYI mean?

The word JFYI is an abbreviation of “Just For Your Information”. JFYI is used to refer that someone is providing relevant information to the other. Or someone is telling something to the other with the thought that the other person shall know the thing.

What is JFYI? For what JFYI does stand? JFYI meaning.

How is JFYI used in the conversations?

Some of the examples are:

Henry: I am leaving for Los Vegas today, JFYI.

Richard: oohhh!!! see you soon then.


Jenny: JFYI, I have a baby girl.

Anna: OMG! congrats!!!! Howz both of you now?


Assistant: Dear sir, I have forwarded your message to the concerned party. JFYI.

Boss: Thanks!!! Update me about their status.


Anni: JFYI, Peter is my boyfriend.



X: I am going for a vacation, JFYI.

Y: That’s great!!! Shall I come with you?

And so on.

If you are wondering why people use the abbreviations instead of the full form of words, then it may be the reason that these words are pretty much easier and faster to type from today’s generation’s most used devices like mobile, laptop, iPad and so on. However, nowadays short forms are quite popular that people have even started to use these abbreviations in their daily conversations as well. Some people especially youngster feel cool and trendy using such slang words in their friend’s circles. And the abbreviations are getting quite much popular in business and corporate world’s communications also.

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