How Many Calories in a Tomato

Are you searching to find out how many calories does tomato have? Guess what, including the amount of calories tomato have, we are also providing lots more information about tomato here. OK lets first of all direct go to the topic and find out how much Calorie actually each kind of Tomato have.

The amount of calories in a Red Tomato:

Calories in Tomatohow many calories in tomato

The average red tomato can have upto 44 calories. If you cook that tomato without adding oil, then you will get same amount of calorie.  However plum and Italian Tomatoes only have 11 calories. The cherry red tomato which we  use for salad contains only 3 calories.

The amount of calories according to the different color of tomato:

Medium raw orange color tomato will have 18 calories, where as if same size tomato comes in yellow color will have 32 calories.  The green tomato may have around 28 calories.

However if you cook these tomatoes with oil, then amount of calories will definitely gonna increase.

Aforementioned, now lets see what other things we can get from Tomatoes:

Tomatoes also contains significant amounts of potassium, vitamin C, lycopene and other nutrients and as you can see, all that in a very low-calorie package.

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