What is Creep? Creep meaning. What does Creep mean?

Here we are going to describe what Creep means, a meaning of Creep, an acronym of Creep, a definition Creep, an abbreviation of Creep from which you will get to know the Creep slang meaning, the Creep definition, the Creep acronym and how this slang word Creep is used in the conversations.

Can you figure out the meaning of Creep from the picture below? Well, it is hard to guess, isn’t it? OK then, let’s figure out the meaning of Creep as below.

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So, then what is Creep? For what does Creep stand?

The word Creep stands for the “Undesirable Person or Weird Person”. So, basically Creep is a person who has a weird personality and so undesirable. In other words, Creep is a person who is a backstabber, cheater, deceiver, manipulator, crazy, idiot, loser, unpopular, stalker or obsessive or desperate, mean or selfish, disloyal or rebellious etc. Women also use this Creep word to describe the men who are not so physically attractive according to them or who have bad intention on them.

So, Creep is a word which explains a person with strange and unattractive behavior and personality.

How is the word Creep used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the slang word Creep is used in the conversations are:

Girl 1: He’s a Creep. I don’t wanna talk about him anymore.

Girl 2: Okkkkk….Let’s not talk then.


A: This town is still not safe at nights.

B: Yup..full of creeps.


A: He is so obsessed with you. Don’t look at him, he is staring at you.

B: I know…he is a creep.


A: You know Ryan is just too much, proposed almost every single girl in his class.

B: Yaa…he is such a creep.


Girl 1: Hey what do you think about John?

Girl 2: Nothing…he is just a creep.


X: Why are you talking to him for so long?

Y: Nothing as such..why?

X: Don’t you know, he is a creep?

Y: oohhh really? I am so scared now.

And so on.

Creep also means “To do something wrong or low”. For example:- You are the reason for their divorce.. such a creep you are.

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