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Chicdrobehub is a suspicious online store. They might send you poor-quality items, incorrect products, or nothing at all. According to our Chicdrobehub review, the safety index for is: 29/100 "Below Average".

You might be wondering why we have doubts about it, right? Well, here we will provide an informative Chicdrobehub review, as well as guidance on how to request a refund.

We've labeled Chicdrobehub as a dubious online store because of these reasons:

Different Website And Domain Name:-

Its website name,Pamela's Shop, is different than its domain name, Chicdrobehub. Genuine websites mostly keep their website name same as their domain name, however, scam ones don't.

Parent Company's Name And Address:-

Its parent company, YUEXING TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, has history of running multiple similar kinds of problematic sites, such as TokyomartShop, TwiplyStoreLuxifyxStore, etc.

However, it may provide another parent company name or address in the future, since lots of similar kinds of problematic sites are doing so. So, don't be confused if you find any other contact details or nothing at all in the future.

Chicdrobehub Scam Or Genuine Chicdrobehub Review Chicdrobehub parent company name and address | De Reviews

Company's Contact Phone Number:

Chicdrobehub hasn't provided the contact phone number at the time of this review. However, it may provide in the future, but that still makes it suspicious.

Return And Exchange:-

We observed that its return policy is very confusing and could make it very hard for customers to get a full refund.

Customer Complaints:-

We have found many similar kinds of websites with lots of complaints against them.

Website Content And Design:-

The design and content of the website match with multiple problematic sites.

Social Media Presence:-

Chicdrobehub hasn't provided any social media icon linking to its official social media page. This is uncommon on genuine sites.

Chicdrobehub no social media icons provided on the website | De Reviews

Common Queries Related to Chicdrobehub Review:

After knowing the truth of Chicdrobehub from this review, now you might have some queries like:

  • How to get refund from it?
  • How to stay safe from similar kinds of stores?
  • Where can we encounter with scam online stores?

Well, you can find the answers to these queries in the article, “How To Get A Refund”, on our website

Our Final Verdict on Chicdrobehub Review:

According to the information provided in this Chicdrobehub review, we can reasonably say that it seems to be a a suspicious online store.

Moreover, we didn't find any reliable evidences that suggest it is a genuine online store which provides quality goods or customer services to their buyers. Hence, we advise you to avoid using this site for any kind of online shopping.

You can check out doubtful sites under “Suspicious” section, read about scams in the “Scams” section, or find interesting articles on “homepage” of our website

Please feel free to share your thoughts about this company with us in the comments below. Furthermore, spread the word about this online store to your friends and family by sharing this Chicdrobehub review through your social media accounts to keep them informed.

FAQs related to Chicdrobehub Review:

How to get refund from problematic online stores like

It's hard to get your money back from problematic sites like Chicdrobehub. But, here are some ways you can try.

First, talk to the seller and tell them calmly about the problem. Also, keep good records of everything related to your order, like chats, pictures, emails, and order confirmations.

If you didn't receive your items or good response from the seller, then contact your bank or credit card company and ask them to help you with a refund. Meanwhile, if PayPal was used, initiate a dispute and contact their support for a refund.

If you get the wrong or bad stuff, ask the postal service for tracking info. It'll show the weight of what you got, which might be less than what you ordered. Show this proof to your bank, credit card company, or PayPal to ask for a refund.

Likewise, keep an eye on your bank accounts to stop any charges you didn't make. If you see any, cancel your credit card. If the problem keeps happening, and you lose a lot of money, talk to a legal expert or a group that helps people with their rights as customers.

Report doubtful sites to relevant authorities such as the Better Business BureauFBIFTC, or your country's consumer protection agency.

But remember, how well these steps work can depend on where you are, how you paid, and the rules of your credit card company or PayPal.

Do you have any tips for dealing with similar suspicious websites?

As mentioned earlier in this Chicdrobehub review, we recommend some tips for handling suspicious websites like

  1. Do your research on the site.
  2. Find and read real customer reviews.
  3. Be cautious about making purchases if you have doubts about its credibility.

What products can you find on

The products available on its website are: Women's Dress Deep V Neck Long Sleeves Waist Tie Ruffles Mini Swing Dress Skater, WJ Look the Part Cardigan with wide plaid and puffy shoulders, Women's maxi sweater dress with high neckline, cutout and trapezoid side slit, Cargo Cali pants in real khaki color, etc.

Note: Our Chicdrobehub review is based on the info available as of the mentioned date. But websites like this often change, so even if you see different stuff later, it can still be suspicious.

Wishing you a secure online purchase!

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