Cbginside Scam Or Genuine? Cbginside Review

If you are searching for Cbginside .com to learn whether it is scam or trustworthy company, then you have landed in the right place as you can get here the detailed Cbginside review to know its facts.

Cbginside is considered as a scam site due to the following reasons:

  • Its parent company name “Meledo Company Limited” is found to be used by multiple scam and problematic sites. You can find lists of sites using this parent company by searching Meledo Company Limited within our website. Although it has provided its parent company name as Meledo Company Limited, but it may change its parent company name and address in the future since lots of similar kinds of sites are found to be doing so.
  • It has listed lots of products (such as: Shoe Cabinet, Cetus Charcoal Rug, Floret Ruby Rug, Cherry Red Rug, Infinity Box L + Lid 17L, etc.) on sale at cheap rates. Mostly scam sites are found to be offering such kind of discounts to attract people into their scam.
  • The website theme and lots of other details provided on its website match with multiple scam sites.
  • Social media icon linked to its business related social media page is not available. However, legit online stores mostly provide social media icons linked to their social media group, pages or profiles. So, it may not have a social media presence.
  • You can find lots of similar kinds of online stores with complaints about their product quality, delivery time, as well as about customer support.


As per the above mentioned reasons, we can conclude that Cbginside is a scam online store.

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NOTE: These kinds of sites are found to be changing their website name as well as whole content of their website from time to time. So, the above review is based on the details provided on its website on aforementioned date. If you find any other details than what we have provided on this review later, then that means this online store has changed its details. However, that still makes it a suspicious site.

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28 thoughts on “Cbginside Scam Or Genuine? Cbginside Review

  1. You scammers shame on you, I hope you rot in HELL. How can you sleep at night? All the people you took advantage of ! Like they say what goes around comes around,

  2. I ordered the hanging lights, they took my money, i never recieved the item.bummers don't fall for this like i did

  3. December 17th 2022 ordered a snow shovel....today is February 3rd 2023 and have yet to receive it. I got a calligraphy pen instead with no information as to why I received this and not the shovel. Disputing charges I just want my money

  4. J ai commandé une lampe le 10 decembre
    70$ , le 25 janvier j ai reçu un chapeau!!!!!
    Je me suis faite avoir, et les emails qu on envoie, ne rentrent pas
    Gros scam

  5. I ordered a electric snow shovel and recieved a stupid fountain pen!! I am disputing it with the credit card company I tried emailing them and I keep getting the email won't go through!! It's a scam?

  6. I'm beyond upset paid for snow blower in December as a gift you took the money out of my bank and I'm still waiting nothing no emails no tracking number no updates I wasn't a refund or my item this is stupid

  7. I ordered a electric snow shovel as a gift for christmas and it has not been received, instead a wool cap was sent. I would like the product i ordered or a full refund.

  8. I ordered a electric snow shovel, have not received it. They said it would take 12 to 20 days, this was Christmas day, still no shovel. I put tracking number in a app, it came back saying still working on the product to be shipped. Never again will I order anything from them. Not happy, no refund either. Robin A. Alltop

  9. I ordered a snow shovel and it got delivered to a different address. Went looking for it but nobody said they never received anything. Can't even get my money refunded.

    1. I ordered shovel and cat tree, have not received. All I got was a wool cap. Fought back and forth with them. No money back. Scammed. Never happened to me and I order lot of packages online. I check very carefully now on purchasing certain items. So upset..

  10. I am still waiting for my shoe rack.
    What can I say except, its my fault as I did not check to see if it is a genuine or fake website.
    Lesson learnt...check before you buy.
    I pray for these people who cheat others as they will have to die one day and I pity them when that happens...answers, they will definitely give so relax and let them get deeper and deeper into a mess.
    Sorry to hear so many have been cheated.

  11. I ordered a snow shovel/ blower and got a fountain pen. Found them on Facebook. If you search it, I can still find the page on Facebook but can’t find a link to report them as a scam website.

    1. Same thing happened to me. I am currently on phone with capital one for a credit. Good luck with your refund i hope it all works out for you. !!

  12. I ordered a lamp for $49.95. tracking showed it was delivered on 1/3/2023 something was delivered but it wasnt the lamp. It was a pair of fuzzy earmuffs. When I emailed support to see what was going on it came back undeliverable. Pisses me off because I was looking forward to that lamp.

  13. They came up on my Facebook page so I placed an order at the beginning of December for a cascading stained glass lamp for $49.95 (same lamp on Amazon is over $200). It is now Jan. 7th and I have still not received the lamp. Tracking info stops at Carson City on Dec. 19th. I tried to email them and the email came back as non-deliverable

  14. I ordered two items at $49.48 each December 2, 2022. I ordered these for Christmas gifts for my daughters. I was charged immediately of course, but still have not received the items and today is January 6 2023 !! I’m so aggravated and disappointed!

  15. Placed an order 24th December for a cordless snow shovel. Received an order # immediately but no shipping or tracking information since. Is this a scam?

  16. I ordered an electric snow shovel that their tracking number shows delivered but it wasn't delivered to my address don't know where it is. My emails have been rejected by their server. Definitely a scam job. I hope they all rot.

  17. It’s a scam I wouldn’t recommend anybody use it. I made a purchase of 50 bucks and haven’t received the items the tracking number they give me does not work.

  18. I made a purchase worth 70$ and they aren’t giving my product now I want my money back or I want my product

  19. You need to call me because I cannot contact you with your phone number, my number is 6103952196 please call ASAP

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