What is BTCMiner.me? Is BTCMiner a Scam or a Legit?

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Do you want to find out what is BTC Miner, either is BTCMiner.me a scam or a legit company? Searching BTCMiner reviews for that? Well, then here is BTCMiner.me review for you.

BTCMiner Review. Is BTCMiner Scam?

BTCMiner.me is a scam website with Ponzi scheme which is completely illegal and bogus scheme opened with the intention to deceive people. BTCMiner claims that their affiliates can earn 1 BTC per day just by investing 0.5 BTC in their so-called fake cloud mining because, in reality, they aren't doing any mining. Actually, none of the real cloud mining companies can guarantee such high rate of return in such a short period of time which proves they are lying about their reality.

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Why is BTC Miner a scam company?

There are several reasons behind the BTCMiner.me being a scam company which we will be discussing in details as under:

First of all this company is opened without providing the real details of their owner or the operator neither in their official website nor in the WHOIS detail. The information provided there i.e. website address and registration details etc. is the registered document from the U.K. Companies House and for your kind information, any company can be registered under U.K. Companies House by providing fake details. And in online business, legit companies never hide their information from the public. BTCMiner.me is hiding their real information which means they are afraid of being exposed as a scammer and their intention is just to scam people from this website.

On top of that, even the registration document which BTCMiner has claimed to be its company document is not other than the registration document used by many other similar kinds of scam companies. According to that registration document, Bugini is the owner of the BTCMiner. If that is the case, then we need to be more afraid because Bugini has a record of running similar kinds of scam sites using the same registration document, such as StartMiner, BitMiner, BTCMiner.Services and so on. However, even it is not sure that Bugini is the main person behind this company, who knows that is just a face to show off. After all, the address which they have provided in their company registration document is not their real address but is an address which anyone can rent from the virtual address services, so there is a high chance that they have also not provided the real information about their owner.

Secondly, they claim to pay 1 BTC per day just from 0.5 BTC investment of the affiliates by investing in cryptocurrency mining which is completely a bogus scheme. Accordingly, any real cryptocurrency mining companies never provide any assurance on a certain percentage of return within a certain period of time and not at all such high rate of return in such a short period of time. So, how can this company pay so much return just by doing that in such a short period of time? Besides, there is no any evidence to support their claims. So, if this company is claiming to pay so high rate of return in short period of time, then they must be a scam company doing so just to attract more and more people, especially newbies in their website so that they can make collectively huge money from them.

Not only that but this company doesn’t have their own real product to sell and generate revenue to pay so much high return to their affiliates. So, their sustainability is even the biggest question mark here.

Another fact is that this company haven't paid many members, only have paid few members by routing their own money in the beginning and that is also just to create the payment proof to show to the people. Except that, they are not willing to pay a single penny to anyone. And you can get lots of complaints from their affiliates in the several forums or comment sections about not getting the payment from them at any point of time. Even their claim to pay money free of cost is also just to lure more people so that when they pay few pennies, people start to believe them and invest in their platform. However, even they haven't paid their lots of members.

Besides, this company also sells the personal information of their affiliates i.e. credit card details, payment processor accounts details, email address etc. which they collect from the affiliates to the third parties in order to make money. So, this company does not spare any chance to make money from their members.


The scam company like BTCMiner.me is opened and operated with Ponzi scheme and bogus business model with the sole intention to scam people. These types of companies always offer easy money making process to entice people, especially the newbies in the market who do not have much knowledge about the online business and scamming patterns.

And let’s tell you another fact that there were thousands of other similar kinds of companies like BTCMiner who had scammed their affiliates with same business schemes in the past and declared to be scam companies. So, we cannot trust just another Ponzi schemes like BTCMiner at all.

Thus, considering all the above factors, it is clear that BTCMiner is a scam site, so we have listed BTCMiner under our “Scams” category.

Well, now you are very much clear about BTCMiner.me through our detailed BTCMiner review as above. However, if you still want to add or report something about BTCMiner, want to provide your own BTCMiner.me reviews, then please feel free to use our comment section below.

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