Beware of Scam Calls From 705-716-4812

People are reporting that they have received a scam call from telephone number 705-716-4812. As per those reports, the caller named himself as Jayson Devlin (employee ID# 453751) and claimed to be an agent of the CRA and made several threats of imprisonment, job loss, deportation and so on.

People have also reported that the message or call that they received from 705-716-4812 phone number looks like a message from “Canadian Treasury” warning them that they have to appear in front of a magistrate judge or grand jury for a federal criminal offense if they do not follow their instruction.

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Those people who didn’t reply the calls from “7057164812”, they have reported they got an SMS or voicemail stating that they need to appear in front of a judge. Most of the calls or messages made from 705-716-4812 appeared to be threatening the receiver about a criminal.

The main intention of these messages or calls is to make receiver panic so that they will follow the instruction of these cybercriminals and send them some money. So, it’s actually blackmail which is obviously a big crime.

However, now you know that you should not believe any message or call that you get from the 705-716-4812 phone number. You should not follow any instruction provided in those messages or calls and just ignore them. These messages and calls are from scammers whose only intention is to scam you by tricking you to send money to them to solve your non-existing criminal case. These cybercriminals will also ask you to send your personal and financial details so that they can sell that to the third parties and make money from that.

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