Why Yahoo Removed the Comment Section? Why did Yahoo Suspend Comment On Articles? Will Yahoo Enable Comment Section Again?

You can’t leave your comments on Yahoo articles anymore. Yahoo said that it has disabled the comment section below their articles because they don’t feel comments are safe anymore. However, many people do not agree with this change. Lots of people are complaining around the internet that such changes on Yahoo block their free speech rights. However, it’s their business so they have full rights either they want to keep or delete the comment section. But, this definitely can harm their business. People who are angry with this move, maybe they will stop visiting Yahoo.

Why Yahoo Disabled Comments on Yahoo Articlesnbsp| DeReviews

Do you think Yahoo did good or bad by disabling the comment section?

Personally, we believe in free speech and we think everyone has the right to express their opinion on public affairs. If its writers are expressing their opinion about public matters, then why don’t give people an opportunity to debate on that matter? But, in the same time, it’s their business, so they have full right either they want to open comments or not. If you don’t like this step taken by Yahoo, then you free to avoid it.

Do you think Yahoo will enable the comment section again?

After disabling the comment section, we think it will definitely lose some visitors. So, maybe they will consider reopening the comments again if they find out too much drop in their website traffic after disabling the comment section. Anyway, it is definitely taking a business risk by disabling the comment section.

Why is Yahoo risking its own business by disabling the comment section? Do you think it did it right or wrong by removing the comment section?

We also don’t know what kind of comments make them take such a big step which can even decrease the number of website visitors on their website. Yahoo has simply said that they disabled the comments for safety. So, why they feel comments are unsafe? What kind of comment can make them feel unsafe to take down the whole comment section? If you have any idea about it, then please feel free to leave your comment below to let us know either it did good or bad by removing the comment section.

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