Wimkin Review: Uncensored Social Media App Wimkin Scam or Legit?

Are you looking for the Wimkin app review? Then you have just landed on the right page because we have tried to provide you the reality of this website/app to the best possible extent and in the simplest way we can in the below review section. What you need to do is just go through our Wimkin.com review and know what is Wimkin.com all about, whether a Wimkin.com scam or a trustworthy social media site.

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Wimkin Scam or Genuine Social Media Site?

Wimkin.com is created on 2020-07-15. So, it is very new to find out any fault within this site. Until now we don’t find any scam activities going on within this social media site, so we won’t say it is a scam at the moment but time will tell.

However, you should know the fact that social media is the place where you are going to submit your lots of personal information. You already know that trusted social media sites like Facebook have already faced legal issues concerning the privacy of their users. So, in this situation, you should be always careful to submit your personal information on new sites like Wimkin.

What do we think about Wimkin claim to be an uncensored social media?

In one way, freedom is good but you should know that too much freedom is also not good. These days people are bashing about anything they want on social media sites. Lots of fake news are circulating and many people are believing such fake news which is harming society. In this situation, having a social media site that doesn’t censor anything can lead to lots of problems in society.

Yes, we agree that Facebook is restricting too much but that doesn’t mean we want something which doesn’t restrict anything. You should know the fact that freedom doesn’t mean you have the rights to do anything to anyone. Freedom means you have only the rights to do good things.

What if someone posts something bad about you without your fault just to harm you? In that case, if Wimkin doesn’t delete such posts, then you will be in big trouble. So, the complete uncensored idea of this social media site is definitely undigestible. Instead, it’s better they provide little restriction.

Is Wimkin social media going to beat Facebook in numbers?

We don’t think it can beat Facebook because everyone doesn’t love the idea of an uncensored social media platform. Previously, a similar site known as Liker was also hyped but that didn’t come any closer to Facebook in numbers. Wimkin is similar to Liker, so we don’t think it can beat Facebook in numbers.

People who use social media sites to connect with their friends and families, they definitely don’t want some social media sites which don’t censor anything. Lots of uncensored posts will be really awkward to share with families. Yes, you may not share such posts but what if your friends tag you on such posts and your mum and dad see that?

Although it sounds exciting to have uncensored social media site, still we don’t think it can beat Facebook by completely going uncensored. Anyway, it’s our opinion, however, you may think differently. So, you are welcome to share your view about this social media site below in the comment section. We will be more than happy to hear from you.

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