Wimkin Review: Uncensored Social Media App Wimkin Scam or Legit?

Are you looking for the Wimkin app review? Then you have just landed on the right page because we have tried to provide you the reality of this website/app to the best possible extent and in the simplest way we can in the below review section. What you need to do is just go through our Wimkin.com review and know what is Wimkin.com all about, whether a Wimkin.com scam or a trustworthy social media site.

Wimkin complaints. Wimkin fake or real? Wimkin legit or fraud?  Is Wimkin social media going to beat Facebook in numbers?

Wimkin Scam or Genuine Social Media Site?

Wimkin.com is created on 2020-07-15. So, it is very new to find out any fault within this site. Until now we don’t find any scam activities going on within Wimkin social media site, so we won’t say it is a scam at the moment but time will tell.

However, you should know the fact that social media is the place where you are going to submit your lots of personal information. You already know that trusted social media sites like Facebook have already faced legal issues concerning the privacy of their users. So, in this situation, you should be always careful to submit your personal information on new sites like Wimkin.

What do we think about Wimkin claim to be an uncensored social media?

In one way, freedom is good but you should know that too much freedom is also not good. These days people are bashing about anything they want on social media sites. Lots of fake news are circulating and many people are believing such fake news which is harming society. In this situation, having a social media site that doesn’t censor anything can lead to lots of problems in society.

Yes, we agree that Facebook is restricting too much but that doesn’t mean we want something which doesn’t restrict anything. You should know the fact that freedom doesn’t mean you have the rights to do anything to anyone. Freedom means you have only the rights to do good things.

What if someone posts something bad about you without your fault just to harm you? In that case, if Wimkin doesn’t delete such posts, then you will be in big trouble. So, the complete uncensored idea of Wimkin social media site is definitely undigestable. Instead, it’s better they provide little restriction.

Is Wimkin social media going to beat Facebook in numbers?

We don’t think Wimkin can beat Facebook because everyone doesn’t love the idea of an uncensored social media platform. Previously, a similar site known as Liker was also hyped but that didn’t come any closer to Facebook in numbers. Wimkin is similar to Liker, so we don’t think it can beat Facebook in numbers.

People who use social media sites to connect with their friends and families, they definitely don’t want some social media sites which don’t censor anything. Lots of uncensored posts will be really awkward to share with families. Yes, you may not share such posts but what if your friends tag you on such posts and your mum and dad see that?

Although it sounds exciting to have uncensored social media site, still we don’t think it can beat Facebook by completely going uncensored. Anyway, it’s our opinion, however, you may think differently. So, you are welcome to share your view about Wimkin social media site below in the comment section. We will be more than happy to hear from you.

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29 thoughts on “Wimkin Review: Uncensored Social Media App Wimkin Scam or Legit?”

  1. The Wimkin site has raeical frimge users on the platform. The users attack you when you have a difference of opinion. Tech support attacks you and harrasses you if you complain about an issue! They have lost every users accounts more than once! They are a total amateur operation at best!

    • It’s better you use the “Forgot your password” option to retrieve your password which you can find at the sign-in section. If that also doesn’t work, then you should contact the support team of Wimkin.

  2. Signed up a few days ago, now, I’ve got problems signing in (again), it won’t even allow me to rejoin. I’ve lost my patience with this site, I’ve had it, I’m done…

  3. FTA:
    “…too much freedom is also not good…Freedom means you have only the rights to do good things…”


    You are so profoundly incorrect in your assessment of freedom and rights that it showcases the conditioned mental retardation instilled by whomever has been educating you. THIS is why the world is largely f*cked up; the cognitive dissonance and inability to think logically (and behave accordingly) with first principles is astounding.

    Valid rights must be symmetrically equal and perfectly reciprocal. That eliminates any “rights” which act as obligations on others to perform positive acts, instead of obligations to not interfere with the actions of others. Essentially, we have Positive Rights and Negative Rights.

    You can’t rightfully “earn” or “prove” the existence or validity of rights unless and until you have the right to earn or prove they exist or are valid. But if you have any such right to “earn” or “prove” your rights, from whence did any such right come? And if you answer “there’s a special rule that says you have the right to do that,’ then that raises the question of where that rule came from. There is no transitive closure to that infinite series of assertions of a special rule and questions regarding the justification for the assertions…unless your epistemological stance is that rights are to be assumed valid until falsified, instead of assumed false until justified.

    Science has the exact same problem, and solves it in an analogous way.

    (a) We have rights as the only rational alternative to “might makes right,” and (b) if we don’t initially assume we have all rights to do everything, we can never have any rights at all, because there’s no way to start with “you have no rights at all” as your initial condition and ever end up with any rights. With no rights at all, you have no right to do anything, not even argue about what rights you have.

    And you can’t even start with “you have these rights as axioms, but not others” because there is no transitive closure to the requests to justify those initial axiomatic rights (such as the right to prove you have yet more rights than those granted by axiomatic fiat.)

    And rights granted as unproven axioms not only rely on the premise that we have rights, but rely on the premise that we have those specific rights specified as axioms.

    In other words, it is untenable as a matter of fundamental epistemology to posit that the initial state of the world is that we have no rights, or that we have certain rights solely as unproven axioms.

    To put it another way:

    1) The claim we have no rights is the claim that it is not rightful to assert any rights. But such a claim is a logical contradiction, because making such a claim is not rightful if no one has the right to make it. Since the claim that “no one has rights” results in a logical contradiction, the claim is false. Therefore, someone must have rights, because someone must have the right to make assertions or arguments concerning what rights are or are not valid.

    Even more succinctly: If we have no rights, then we have no right to do anything at all. So we would then have no right to claim we have no rights. Therefore, we must at least have the right to deny the validity of rights, but if we do, then it is false that we have no rights.

    2) It is an empirical fact that it is in our rational self interest to interact with others. That is because (a) cooperation and collaboration are demonstrably superior to war and conflict and (b) cooperative and collaborative effort by groups of people can achieve goals and objectives that action by a lone individual cannot, or can achieve it more effectively.

    3) It is also an empirical fact that it is extremely difficult or even impossible to effectively cooperate and collaborate with others without using “rules of engagement” that govern how interpersonal interactions should and should not occur. Such rules define what it is and is not “rightful” to do. Those are our “rights.” And that’s why we have them. The only alternative is “might makes right,” and to operate as lone wolves who don’t cooperate or collaborate.

    What other way is there to logically derive rights that doesn’t fall afoul of the objection that the claim we have rights, or have specific rights, is just an unproven assertion?

    It is essential that everyone have symmetrically equal rights, and that rights be reciprocal. Otherwise, why would anyone agree to act according to rules that limit their actions, but not those of everyone else in precisely the same way?

    It is also essential that others have zero authority to veto your rights, and that you reciprocally have zero authority to violate theirs.

    Therefore, you can validly assert for yourself any rights you wish provided you reciprocally assert and respect symmetrically equal rights for everyone else, and can do so without logical contradiction. Any violation of the equality, symmetry or reciprocity requirement would create a logical contradiction. It would also justify rejection of the rules by anyone for whom those rules failed to provide equal liberty or equal protection.

    For any and every assertion of authority, its validity can be affirmed or denied by testing it to see whether the symmetrically equal authority can also be exercised by everyone else without logical contradiction. Any asserted authority that results in a logical contradiction when everyone exercises it equally, symmetrically and reciprocally is an invalid assertion of authority. Once all such invalid claims of authority have been thus eliminated, those that remain are the set of all valid rights.

    Example 1: You assert that you have the right to life—specifically meaning the right to not be killed by the positive action of others. Since all persons can exercise their individual right to life (defined as specified) without inhibiting that same right for anyone else, the right survives the attempt to falsify it by means of logical contradiction, and so must be accepted as a valid right.

    Example 2: Fred asserts that he has the right to a share of everyone else’s income, at a rate he alone sets. Paul objects that if that’s valid, then Paul has the symmetrically equal right to a share of Fred’s income (which includes the income he claims as a percentage of Paul’s income). That logical contradiction (as evidenced by the infinite feedback loop created by the competing claims) falsifies Fred’s assertion of the right to a share of Paul’s income.

    We have only one right—or an infinite number. The one fundamental human right is the right to live your life as you choose so long as you don’t infringe on the equal rights of others.

    So then, the only ethical obligation is to avoid violating the rights of others. That follows ineluctably from the fact that, to be valid, rights must be symmetrically equal and perfectly reciprocal.

    • You said we are incorrect but at last, you said almost the same thing that we are saying here. We also believe in equal rights. That is what needed for society and social network apps should follow that. But, Wimkin is calling itself an uncensored social network app but not an equal rights social app, so that makes a difference. Since your comment is here (not deleted) even when you are against us, so this proves that we also believe in equal rights. At least here (on our website) everyone has the freedom to write and share their thoughts unless that doesn’t harm the equal rights of some society. So, we support freedom of speech but that should not harm the equal rights of any society, group, or individuals. Good Luck!

  4. i have had zero problems with wimkin,i signed up gave name,email,false birthdate (i never give real date)…no problem.i enjoy cruzing on the site.yes i agree to much freedom of speach could be bad,it could attract the eyes of the feds,as you know in sure BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING ALL OF US!at least i dont get banned every time i turn around.ive been in fb jail 26 times for reposting something that is allready there.i got banned this last time for posting about the wimkin app,yup soon as i put it on there within seconds bam banned 30 days.piss on facistbook&piss on suckerberg.

  5. I’m trying to join. I downloaded the app but am only getting a login in screen. It does not give any other option on starting a new account??

  6. Why is Wimkin down?? I can’t access it at all. I know that he was having a hard time today but damn it’t completely gone. Can anyone let me know what the hell??

    • Looks like their website is having some technical issue at the moment since their website is down with an error message: “Cannot load Dependencies for phpFox. Make sure to run the composer first. Error message: Theme not found.”

      • Wow all I can say is they got hit hard. Before it went down someone commented that the site got hacked. Shit is bat shit crazy. I have a feeling it was deep state. It’s been hours and I still get the same error message of “Cannot load Dependencies for phpFox. Make sure to run composer first. Error message: Theme not found.” I tried a few different web bases. Google, duckduckgo and Bing I think. It could have been a new member overload but no clue if something like that would make it go down. Just shows how much conservatives need and desperately need a new platform. I hope it’s back up soon. A lot of people are getting on me because I had just done a mass shoutout and an hour later it went to hell.

  7. I downloaded the app,, I don’t know what my username is so put in my email and I can’t get it to open it keeps saying error, and there no place to get any help 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • You should contact their support team but it looks like the Wimkin is facing some error at the moment. Their official website “Wimkin.com” is down at the moment with an error “Cannot load Dependencies for phpFox. Make sure to run the composer first. Error message: Theme not found.” So, it’s better you try again after they fix their site problem.

      • I’m not computer smart .. what do you mean when you say :

        “Cannot load Dependencies for phpFox. Make sure to run the composer first. Error message: Theme not found.” So, it’s better you try again after they fix their site problem.

  8. I haven’t given them any more information than I do every day when I order a t-shirt or an item off the internet.
    I am loving Wimkin and it’s about time something better than Facebook comes along and puts them in their place for trying to control us so much.
    I get it, the Liberals are up in arms trying to protect their precious Liberal Facebook.

  9. I like it so much I deleted my fb acct
    Zuckerberg showed his true colors when he went political and completely biased .
    I can respect anybody’s views but when they censor all of mine and say it’s false info and then I make up a total lie in favor of the other side and they let the lie make it that proves all I need to know .
    I’ll never look back on fb even if Wimkin fails .

    • Yes, Facebook is restricting lots of posts lately. On the other hand, scammers are getting their way to advertise on Facebook. They have put lots of restrictions on our personal posts while on the other hand, they are unable to filter out scam ads efficiently due to which lots of people are getting scammed.

  10. Not sure who wrote this review but anybody that doesn’t want freedom is a fool. I’m tired of being banned on fascistbook because I’m conservative. By the way there are restrictions on Wimkin. No p*rn, no threats! Which is more than I can say for fascistbook

    • We also like freedom but that doesn’t mean we have the rights to harm or hurt others or spread fake news which can harm society. Freedom should not lead to wrongdoings. So, we believe that there should be certain censorship on social media sites. Completely uncensored social media sites can do something bad for someone. Uncensored social media sites can help lots of bad people for their wrongdoings. And, we also agree that Facebook has too many restrictions but, uncensored social media sites should not be the alternative solution. Average censorship with freedom of speech, means censorship on harmful speech (not only on threats but also on such speech which can harm society) will be the best solution.

  11. I just started Wimkin and I like it because it looks and acts like Facebook plus you can have friends. Of course you can unfriend also. Unlike Parler that anyone can “follow” you, Wimkin you have to except a friend request.

      • Even on my smart phone, I’m having error as well, so are others. It’s in Beta form so there generally can be bugs and kinks to work out. Or there even can be interference from others possibly, you never know. I’m still able to see pages and with that, I see my profile pic and can choose pages I like but I’m not able to go to my page. Google Chrome is blocking me going to my page, I’m working on changing settings in the advanced settings to allow…


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