What is Laser.Online? Is Laser.Online a Scam?

What is Laser Online? Laser.Online Review.

If you are looking for a straight forward answer about Laser.Online and searching for the Laser Online reviews for that, then let’s bring the real picture, yes this is completely a scam company. This company is one of the Ponzi schemes and so illegal by all means. So we simply doubt about their sustainability and even if they manage to sustain little longer, then also they have to deal with legal issues and ultimately shut down the business. Actually, they cannot run the business for long run as they don’t have any valid source of income to pay their affiliates. They only route the money invested by their affiliates which means they pay the invested money of one affiliate to another affiliate and vice versa. And this is their strategy to show they are actually paying and drag more and more investors into their Ponzi scheme. They are actually not interested in making payments but only seeking to make more money for themselves.

Laser Online Scam. Laser.Online Reviews. Is LaserOnline Legit?

What Laser.Online offers? Why is Laser Online a scam?

Laser.Online claims to pay 144% Return on Investment (ROI) in just 12 days to their affiliates. Which means they offer to pay 12% daily ROI for 12 days. They claim that they invest the money of affiliates in their own laser manufacturing business or cryptocurrency trading and distribute the profit collected from there. But all these claims are just fake and they do not earn any profit. Because they don’t provide any proof that they have laser manufacturing project or cryptocurrency trading.

Now the question arises here, if they can earn so much money from the investment in their so called big laser manufacturing project, then why they are taking the money from different affiliates in such a huge cost? Why they are not looking for cheapest money sources in the market like from banks and investment companies? Any sources will be very much ready to lend their money in such a profitable business because there will be almost no risk of their loan repayment. So this company is just trying to create a larger frame to entice more people in their Ponzi scheme.

Laser.Online also includes another illegal scheme, Pyramid scheme which is referrals’ commission up to three level downlines in the sales their ROI plans. But they don’t have any real products and services to sell. So this is just an illegal scheme they are offering to their affiliates just to increase the members.

Laser.Online runs in a same manner as other Ponzi schemes. Most of the Ponzi schemes are ready to pay at the beginning, but they do not pay their affiliates afterwards. They only make the affiliates invest in their Ponzi schemes and collect huge amount of money from their affiliates and then shut down the business. And the affiliates only get awaken when they are already scammed by this type of Ponzi schemes. As long as they can attract new investment they can survive in the market, but once their business start to fall down, they shutdown and run away with the large sum of collected money.

Laser.Online has provided fake information about their owner and the company registration details as well as address. This can be seen when you check their website and WHOIS details, where they have provided different details. When you check the WHOIS details, you will find that they have stated their company’s ownership belongs to DotOnline Inc. and address as United Arab Emirates. But when you check their website, they have stated that they are from United States and registered as LASER ONLINE LLC. Now how can we know which information is the right one? Why aren’t they listed as investment company in U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) database if they are from United States? Actually due to the business nature of Laser.Online, SEC can anytime seize it. Besides, there is not any proof that they belong to LASER ONLINE LLC.

Our Final Verdict

Laser.Online doesn’t have any source of income, they use 44% of investment of one affiliate to pay to another affiliate. This way they are creating a debt in the system and this continues to increase every day resulting towards the failure of their business. Laser.Online is running the business depending completely on their affiliates’ investment money, but we are sure that this will going to be ending up very soon because none of the companies can sustain for long time without any reliable source of income. So, all the above factors loudly speak the fact that Laser.Online is completely a Ponzi scheme. So, we have categorized Laser.Online in our “Scams” category and do not recommend you to involve in such a scam site.

So, now you are clear about what is Laser Online and why is Laser.Online scam through our Laser Online review as above. However, if you still want to add something more or want to report something about Laser.Online, then please feel free to use our comment section as below.

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