What is THOT? THOT Meaning. THOT Definition

If you are looking for what does Thot mean, the meaning of Thot, the definition of Thot, the abbreviation of Thot, the acronym of Thot, then your search ends here because here we are going to provide you the Thot meaning, the Thot definition as well as how this word is used in the conversations.

So, then what is Thot? For what does Thot stand?

The slang word Thot means the same as “Hoe” (who*e or sl*t) (correctly ho) which means “That Hoe Over There” or “Thirsty Hoe Over There” which refers to a woman or a girl who is easily available for s*x activities or easily can sleep with anyone anytime anywhere for pleasure. So, Thot is another word which refers a female who is a Hoe, easily available for s*x. Thotties (plural form) refers to those females who actually have desires of s*x or have a thirst of having intercourse rather than having any other relationships or admirations from the partner.

Define Thot. Meaning Thot. Definition Thot.

The word Thot is also popular among school guys who call the girls “Thot” who send their nude and porn pictures and videos to them or girls who are trying to act like teenagers but actually are junior in high school exposing their body trying to look like grownups and s*xy. Or a girl who dates multiple guys and ditches them in middle or high school is termed as Thot.

The word Thot is also much used in place of “bit*h”.

The slang word Thot is also used for those females who acts or looks like a hoe but actually may or may not be.

The word Thot also refers to a person who uses filters on his or her pictures.

How is Thot is used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the slang word Thot is used over the conversations are:

Girl 1: Look at Thot, she was messing around with your bf at the party.

Girl 2: I am just gonna leave him now.


A: Stop acting like a hoe. They are calling you Thot.

B: OMG…I never thought of that.


Boy 1: No matters how much she pretends, one can figure out she is a Thot.

Boy 2: yup….exactly!!!!


A: There are so many girls in Snapchat, find one and enjoy.

B: I just hate them, Thotties.


A: Do you know Anny ended with so many guys at the party.

B: She is such a Thot. Just check out her on IG (Instagram).


Boy1: Want to see her nude pics?

Boy2: I already have…she is a total Thot.


A: Thot trying hard on me.

B: Ewww….just hate her!


A: She is damn hot man!

B: Ye…but she is a total Thot!

And so on.

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