Online Dating Scams

Online dating sites are hugely in use by the people around the world especially in developed countries and urban cities. Online dating sites are designed to link people to each other for the dating purpose. People even use social networking sites, social media dating apps, and chat rooms to connect to the people and know each other and if this works, they may even intent to carry a long term relationships with each other. Online dating sites have worked for many people to find their true love, but this case is possible only with legit sites.

So, for some people this online dating sites and apps. really work well and they set successful love relationships but for some it may also bring disaster in life. As these sites are highly in demand, there are lots of online dating scammers you can find very actively participating. They tend to scam people with their fake identification. They provide fake pictures, fake profile and stories in the dating sites to cheat people to make fake love relationships with them. And lastly emotionally blackmailing or influencing their so called partners/lovers with their false stories and commitments to take out money from them. Their intention is just to counterfeit their so called partners/lovers and once they are successful in their mission, they delete all their profile and disappear. Same person may do this again with new fake identification in same site or different sites. The scammers tendency of scamming are found to be similar in most of the cases.

They become so professional that they even don’t hesitate to make complex commitments which involve even their wedding plans or some very realistic type fake and complex life and death stories or even their previous relationship issues like they need money for divorce and settle down with you. So it can be anything that simply emotionally manipulates people to believe in them and ultimately convince them to send money. Most of the cases these scammers are not at all interested to meet you personally and have so much convincing story lines for not meeting you with fake promises to meet you shortly.

People are not really aware that they are being cheated by the scammers and when their money gone, then only they realize that they have become the victim of such scammers. And this happens to such people also who have heard about such things but even they cannot figure out the fact in most of the cases. So it’s really important to know the legitimacy of such online dating sites before you try for one. Having said that, we know it’s very difficult to figure out legitimacy of online dating sites due to such scammers’ involvement as well as the site’s hosting company and its origin, profile of the owners and their sites’ history etc.

Before you take the membership of any online dating sites, just know how scammers are involved in scams:

  • When you click the online dating site, looking like legit but scam one, you will be provided with a story or profile of a person along with few pictures. The story is usually of same type that includes the scammer is from US and travelling abroad for work or business and bla bla bla. And few among many just reply to this story with the hope of getting their true love.

  • Then the scammer sends the reply to the people who respond them. And they reply with the same story that you receive initially adding few more pictures to make his or her story more realistic. And if you again respond to this reply, then the scammer is sure that you can be deceived.

  • Then the scammer is intensely beside you to convince you with his fake stories. This is where you will be pampered, emotionally touched and make you believe him or her or sometimes even you have already fallen in love with him or her.

  • Now once you get involved in his stories, he begins to ask you for money creating or showing various reasons like for their health checkup or other emergencies, run out of money due to unexpected circumstances, travel expenses, cheated by someone in new place, lost of their money bag, official documents or just to meet you. They just want your money for any reason. They pretend that they can’t wait to meet you soon and once they get the money they will get out of trouble and can catch next flight to meet you.

  • And if you send them money falling in their fake stories, they will ask you for more again and again for some false reasons. And before you figure out the fact or just figuring it out the

We have here tried to help you figure out some of the most familiar online dating scams, how they work, how to stay away from them or how to report such scams. What we need to know is that such scammers can use various techniques and methods to victimize people every day. And the fact that there are 150 confirmed online dating scams with the record of massive scamming stories. How often people get victimized by these scammers, actually not have any concrete data. Some of the online dating scams are easily spotted but the others are really hard to figure out unless it’s too late.

Most common dating scams till today:

Philippine Dating Scams:

To find out this scam, you need to see the very strange pictures uploaded by the scams where strange people look like Americans travelling overseas. And these pictures appear first when they pop up as ads. in legit online dating sites. This scam is a Philippine one and very clever to hit the areas with scams where government does not directly interfere or control.

Nigerian Dating Scams:

This scam is mostly featured with African people who dressed up to look like Americans and travelling to African countries. This scam also includes photo-shopped pictures of Americans that has been transformed to other’s body to mislead the people and take out money from them.

Romanian Dating Scams:

This scam mostly appears in your email box, or in spam box where you will receive hot pictures with the story that is written in broken English. And the story includes the love to you thought you do not met before. And once you get involved in their scams, they will just try to take out money from you.

Ukraine Dating Scams:

This scam includes hot pics of eastern European women and sexy undertones to attract the people. The profiles are written so well that people easily fall for these scams. You can found this scam in your email box or spam box, social medias and even in some of the legit online dating sites. This is the most popular online dating scams where so many people are victimized every day.

Flipina Dating Scams:

This scam is just a sub-section of Philippine scams which include low standard of pictures and stories with broken English. You can find this scam in span box and can easily figure out by spam filters.

Some of the hints to figure out the scammers:

  • They are intensely trying to prove that they are from USA and travelling overseas for work or business or for other convincing reasons.

  • They intensely try to prove that they really fall in love with you and doesn’t matter how you look or what is your past and how you feel and just can’t wait to meet you in person.

  • They will call you my darling, my dreamgirl/boy, my sweetheart, my love or something like this every time they get the chance to pamper you and blend you in their stories.

  • They continuously put effort to impress you with their fake persona.

  • They pretend having money problem due to which they cannot get back to US.

  • Finally, they will ask you to send money to see or meet them.

So, if you can spot the scammers, it’s better you just do not get involve in their scams but if you became the victim of such scammers don’t let them escape, just contact the reporting authorities and let them expose.


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