What is JobTaka? Is Job Taka a Scam or a Legit?

JobTaka.com Review

JobTaka is yet another pay on click site which offers to pay money in getting clicks on members’ referral link for which the members need to display their referral link on social media sites like Facebook and other websites. The membership of this site is free of cost. This company is opened and operated by the same group of a scammer who has been involved in scamming people since a long time with different websites.

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What is JobTaka.com and what it claims to pay?

JobTaka claims to pay $10 on each click affiliates get on their referral link from their social media platforms like Facebook. Now, paying $10 just for getting a click is what we think is on a higher side. No, any legit company can pay this much money only for a click because they don’t earn so much with their legit schemes to pay their members on higher side. And another thing is that Facebook is available to advertise your website paying $1 for each 25 to 50 clicks. But JobTaka is not willing to spend a single penny on anything thus using the affiliates to market their website paying nothing. And they are getting new members from these advertisements as well to make money from them.

JobTaka places the advertisements on their website and shows them to the affiliates to make money. They assign additional tasks to their affiliates in order to get so claimed payment for which the affiliates need to pay them out of the pocket even to complete such tasks. They sell the personal information like email address, credit card details and payment processor details of their affiliates to third parties in order to make money. So, this site does not leave any chance to earn money from their affiliates. But in return, they do not pay anything to anyone.

Why is  JobTaka a scam company?

JobTaka is a company which is registered without revealing any real details of their owner and the company. There is no any real information about the same either in their official website or in WHOIS details. And we are very much sure that no any legit companies ever hide their information because they are operated authentically. But JobTaka is a scam one which is hiding the details because their intention is to cheat people and run out after completing the mission. If we look at the previous trend of this type of scam websites, we are very clear that the owner of this site is a scammer and so purposely hiding the identity.

The schemes they offer is also counterfeit because they don’t have any real products or services to make genuine and regular real income from the members’ invested money. Now the question is how can they manage to sustain for a long run without any real source of income?

More than anything else, they do not bother to pay a single penny to anyone, all the payment claims that they show are bogus. This is just their tactics to entice new members and their target is always the newbies who do not have much knowledge about the online business and ready to believe in their bogus schemes.


The same group of scammer owns other scam sites like MyPayPot, SuperJobs, MyPayStuff, EarningHabit, DollarsTeller, NightJobOnline, WeeklyFixPay, BucksTip, DollarJobSite, BucksTip, DutyKid, DutySet, WeeklyYouthPay, DollarsPlug, DollarJobOnline, DollarInPocket, DollarSaw, DutySpace, DutyTrend, DollarsJet, PayChair,  and so on. Some of these sites were already shut down after scamming people and some are still running to scam people. If you look at the business model, website themes or the way of scamming people of all the above mentioned sites, you can find that they are exactly same and only the domain name is different to mislead the people.This scammer group always uses five types of website themes for all of their scam websites i.e. the website themes of DollarTell.com or EarlyJobPay.com or PokeLazy.com or DollarJob.Site or DollarinPocket. Thus, the websites opened with one of these website themes belong to the same group of a scammer.


All the above-stated facts are enough to prove that JobTaka without any doubt is a scam company opened and operated with the objective to scam people with their money. So, people must be aware of these kinds of scam sites to escape from their scamming because once they get involved in such site, then it’s for sure that they will be continuously cheated by such sites and when they realize about the scamming, they have no way out to get the money back.

So, now you are clear about what is Job Taka through our JobTaka review as above. However, if you still want to add or report something about JobTaka.com, then please feel free to use our comment section as below.

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