What is FB? FB Meaning. What does FB mean?

Most of us know that FB means Facebook but there are still other meanings of FB about which we are going to explain in this post. So, if you are looking for what FB means, the meaning of FB, the definition of FB, the acronym of FB, the abbreviation of FB, then your search ends here because here we are going to provide you the FB slang meaning, the FB definition, the FB abbreviation, the FB acronym as well as how this word is used in the conversations.

Let’s start our detail review of the slang word FB as below.

So, then what is FB? For what does FB stand?

Like we have said before, the slang word FB stands for the short form of “Facebook” which is an online networking site. However, there are other meanings of FB which you can find below.

Define FB Meaning FB Acronyms FB | De Reviews

FB is also the short form of “F**k Buddy” which means a s*x partner but may or may not be in a romantic and serious relationship. The acronym FB also refer to “F**king Bit*h” or “F**k Boy” which is used in an annoying way or as an insulting way to refer a person who you don’t like at all. The word FB is also used as a hashtag on Twitter like #fb.

The slang word FB also refers to “F**king Beautiful” which is used to express the extreme like but in a chill mood.

The acronym FB also means “F**king Brilliant” which is used to refer someone who is extremely bright and talented.

FB also means “Follow Back” which is highly used in social medias i.e. Instagram while commenting on pictures and posts.

Another meaning of the word FB is “Finger Bang” mostly used in instant messenger to poke someone.

FB is also the slang word for the term “Female B*ner” which is used to refer those girls or women who are s*xually very welcoming, h*rny or excited.

The word FB also refers to the humor over hunger and food.

FB is also a short term of “Fag Bag” which simply means an a*shole.

FB also refers a girl who is very hot, s*xy, gorgeous, pretty.

FB also refers to “F*cked Borrower” in real estate world which is used to refer that person who has a larger volume of loans and credits than his or her actual borrowing capacity and certain to be going on big loss or bankruptcy.

The abbreviation FB also goes for “Feedback” which means one’s opinion or advice or comment on something or someone.

FB also refers “Fat B*tch” or “Fat B*stard” or “Fat Balls” or “Fat Boy” or “Fruity B*tch” or “Fruit Bowl” etc.

FB medical acronym stands for "Foreign Body"

How is FB used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the slang word FB is used over the conversations are:

A: Hey I have sent a friend request on your FB (Facebook)!!!

B: Ok let me add you then!!!


Girl 1: Hey what’s your FB id (Facebook id)?

Girl 2: It’s ……….


Boy 1: Your GF is pretty cool buddy!!

Boy 2: That chick is not my GF…she is just my FB (F**k Buddy).


Boy 1: She is an FB (F**king B*tch), dumped me like an a**

Boy 2: Yup!!! She just made you fool!!!


Girl 1: I got so irritated with that FB (Fat B*tch) in the mall yesterday.

Girl 2: Why don’t you kick her a*s.


A: Did you see her moves dude? It was like awesome!!!

B: Yaaa…FB (F**king Beautiful) man!!!


Boy 1: I scored highest in statistics dude!!!

Boy 2: You are FB (F**king Brilliant) dude!!!


Girl 1: I FB (Follow Back) Anny in her IG (Instagram)!!!

Girl 2: OMG your comments are so funny in her beach pic. girl!!!


X: He uses to FB (Finger Bang) me whenever we meet in AIM or MSN.

Y: That FB (Female B*ner). She does the same to me.


Girl 1: I just hate that guy, he is such an FB (F**k Boy)

Girl 2: Yup…that FB (F**king B*stard) sucks.


A: Hey how am I looking in this dress, your FB (Feedback) plz.

B: You're looking just awesome girl!!!! Where did you get that?

And so on.

So, the word FB has multiple meanings as stated above and can be used to specify different terms as given in above examples.

What do you think? Why do people use the short form of words?

Actually, today’s generation feels more comfortable and trendy using these types of slang words as these are easy and fast to type from the devices like mobile, laptop, iPad etc. in which slang words are more practical. Especially youngsters use slang words in order to show themselves cool and stylish. But nowadays, slang words are used everywhere in family and friends circles as well.

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