What is BAIL? BAIL Meaning. What does BAIL Mean?

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Can you guess the meaning of BAIL from the picture below? Well, it is hard to guess, isn’t it? Well, let’s figure out the meaning of BAIL as below.

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So, then what is BAIL? For what does BAIL stand?

The word BAIL is a slang word which means “Leave” or “To Leave”. BAIL is used by a person to say “go away of my sight” which clearly signifies that he or she does not want to continue being in that situation and wants to stop the conversation. So, BAIL is used to getting out of unwanted or unnecessary or dramatic situations. BAIL is used over the text messages, chats, emails, social media posts and even in verbal conversations to indicate leave, exit, back out, drop out, quit, resign, discontinue, ditch etc. BAIL also means “To Break or To Bounce or To Cancel.”

How is BAIL used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the slang word BAIL is used in communications are:

A: We bailed our match last week.

B: So, what are you guys thinking then?


X: She just bailed our dance group.

Y: Ohhh!!! That’s why she is with them.


Tom: You girlfriend is sick man.

Harry: Just get bail.


X: I don’t like you at all.

Y: Bail then.


Girl 1: You know he is the most handsome guy on this planet and he is just crazy about me.

Girl 2: Girllll, You just bail or I am leaving. How many times do you repeat this?

And so on.

BAIL also means “Bi*ch About It Later”. Example:- Ryan was just pissing off her. So, shall BAIL.

Bail is also a small fish like creature with larger lips, long hair and a great swimmer.

Another meaning of Bail is “to screw up or to fail”. Example:- You didn’t get me right, you just bailed man.

Bail even goes for “to fight” which means to throw down or beat up. Example:- Just go and tell him if he will do it again, it will bail on him.

Likewise, Bail also means “to fall in an embarrassing way”. Example:- I bailed in bus station yesterday.

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