PayPal Email – Your $10 reward from – Scam or Legit?

Have you got a message from an email address offering $10 from PayPal? If so, then you must be here to find out either this email about the $10 reward from PayPal is real or fake, either you can get this $10 from PayPal or not, right? Well then, keep on reading this post below to find out the reality of this $10 reward from PayPal.

PayPal email about $10 reward from PayPal is fraud or genuine nbsp| DeReviews

Email about $10 reward from PayPal is a scam or genuine? Here is its reality:

Since this email address, is from the official domain of PayPal (, so we don’t think it is a phishing email but also it’s better to confirm the legitimacy of the email by contacting the PayPal support team before you follow the instruction in the email. So, we recommend you hold off on giving out any of your personal information if asked by these kinds of emails until you confirm with PayPal.

So, from our point of view, this $10 reward message from may not be a scam since this email address is from the official domain of PayPal. But, who knows if PayPal got hacked. So, it’s better you confirm with PayPal before you act. And if you know anything about this email, then please feel free to write in the comment section below. Thank you.

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These days there are lots of fraudulent emails circulating around. So, we suggest you confirm everything before you follow any instructions provided on any emails.

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