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Review: What is MenghuangMall Scam or Legit?
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Are you looking for the Qianhuijiashop Review / MenghuangMall Review? Then you have just landed in the right page because we have tried to provide you the reality of this website to the best possible extent and in the simplest way we can in the below review section. What you need to do is just go through our review and know what this online store Qianhuijiashop is all about, whether scam or a trustworthy company.

Qianhuijiashop scam / MenghuangMall scam or genuine company?

As we said, we have briefed all the possible details about Qianhuijiashop / MenghuangMall from our research and findings after which you can easily figure out whether it is a fake or real company or you shall trust this website or not. Actually, you must know how they are trying to lure people in their website just to make money out of them. But, we know that the scammers are so smart these days that try to make their website look genuine in every possible means but what they forget is there is always something left when you are fake or you do something fraud. So, when the company is run by a scammer, they leave so many loopholes that can be figured out.

Qianhuijiashop complaints Qianhuijiashop fake or real Qianhuijiashop legit or fraud | De Reviews

So let’s start with the Qianhuijiashop review / MenghuangMall review:

Qianhuijiashop is an online shopping store that is selling different products under various categories like beauty personal care, bed, business, industrial and scientific, computer, computer parts, furnitures, health and household, home supply, kitchen and dining, lawn and garden, mobile, surgery virus mask etc. However, there are so many things you must know about Qianhuijiashop before choosing it as your shopping destination.

We have categorized Qianhuijiashop / MenghuangMall as one of the suspicious sites because of the following reasons:

Company Address:

Qianhuijiashop has mentioned its address as Blake K. Burns, 1491 Nickel Road Pomona, CA 91766, United States. However, this address can’t be verified on Google Maps or by doing Google Search since only the partial address appeared in the Maps and there is no any company or shop or store with name Qianhuijiashop or MenghuangMall that has been mentioned on and around that partial address as well. So, this makes Qianhuijiashop a very suspicious website. Hence we shall not trust such a company for our online shopping destination.

The email address it has provided i.e. is also a free email address but not the domain specific one.

Copied Images/Content:

Lots of content provided on the website as well as the website theme match with the other similar type of suspicious and problematic sites.

Qianhuijiashop’s domain name i.e. and website name i.e. MenghuangMall are different but it has not provided any details about its link with that website whereas a legit company always mentions its connection with other sister websites if any. Even you can find the website name as MenghuangMall only on the mobile version of its website but not on the desktop version. So this is one of the most common copy-paste error done by the scam and suspicious sites while doing copy-paste of other website’s content.

Discount and Sales offers:

Qianhuijiashop is providing unreasonable discount and sales offers on the price of lots of products they sell which seems unrealistic. Hence most of the scam sites do so to attract people in their website.

Returns and Exchange:

Qianhuijiashop has a Shipping and Return and Exchange Policy which is found to be very unrealistic and bogus which says that your item must be in its original condition and undamaged without missing parts to be eligible for the return and exchange. It further says only the regular priced items may be refunded but sale items cannot be refunded but it seems like it has placed almost all items on sales/ promotions. So, we simply doubt how this policy is applicable? It even makes customers responsible for paying the return shipping costs. It is almost impossible to get back a full refund amount from these kinds of sites due to their confusing provisions.

Customer Support and Delivery:

The customer support as well as delivery time of sites similar to Qianhuijiashop is also very poor as per the complaints received from the buyers of similar kinds of sites. Qianhuijiashop may cheat the buyers by sending the fake or very cheap quality products other than they advertise on their website.

Our Final Verdict:

Above are some of the realities we have shown you after our research on how Qianhuijiashop and similar type of companies are doing their business and how they are scamming the people.

Nevertheless, we have come up with the conclusion that Qianhuijiashop / MenghuangMall is one of the suspicious websites and we do not recommend it because they seem to be cheating their customers very smartly. We recommend you not to make any purchases from this website because either they will not deliver you the product or will deliver such a quality product that is not worth your purchase value.

Hence we recommend you to cross-verify about Qianhuijiashop / MenghuangMall to find out if it’s a scam or a legit company. We really hope you understand our review on what Qianhuijiashop is all about and feel free to share your views about this company in our comment section below by providing your own reviews.

You can find the lots of suspicious sites listed within our “Suspicious” category by clicking >HERE< or you can find about various kinds of scams by scrolling within our “Scams” category by clicking >HERE< or you can navigate our website through our home page to find out the several interesting and knowledgeable articles under different categories by clicking >HERE<.

These days there are lots of scam online stores. So, we want to suggest you shop related products only from the renowned online stores like Amazon and so on in order to save yourself from scams. Or, at least do some research before you purchase anything from unknown online stores.

We request you to spread awareness about the scam and suspicious online websites/activities by sharing the information provided on our website [] through your social media accounts which can help your families and friends to be safe from scams. The numbers of online scams are massively increasing each day with ever new tricks and strategies, so it has become very crucial to aware the society about those scammers so that it will make scammer difficult to scam people. So, please let your friends and families know that they can rely on our website [] to check the legitimacy of any online websites. You can also bookmark our website so that it will be easy for you to visit our website repeatedly at the time of need to check the legitimacy of any online companies or online activities.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Review: What is MenghuangMall Scam or Legit?
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  1. Ordered a chair,they upcharged me 21.00 shipping,the tracking # is bogus,claim filed. How do these scammers go so long before someone shuts them down???

  2. I placed an order on this website on 6/26/20 and never got an email confirmation for my order. I emailed the seller and only reply (after 7 attempts) was for the PayPal transaction number. Package never arrived at designated destination so I placed a dispute claim with PayPal. Seller sent UPS number which did have the correct City and State but package was not delivered. I contacted UPS and they confirmed verbally and via email that the package was sent to a different name and address than I had specified. Plus the package seller sent was 0.8 lb (half lb) vs the wind spinner was 5 lbs. Pay Pal case is still under review until 8/7/20. Now I find others who used this site after me were SCAMMED. Thankfully UPS was able to send me an email to give to PayPal proving that the package was NOT sent to my requested name and address.

    1. For the very first time working through a dispute with PayPal was extremely difficult. The representatives constantly asked for me to provide them with the actual address that UPS delivered my package . PayPal reps could not understand that UPS because of privacy reasons could only provide the merchant (sender) with the actual delivery address but UPS did send me a UPS email confirming that my package was NOT sent to the specified name and address merchant claimed it was and said that for privacy reasons UPS could not give the actual address where the package was delivered. I downloaded the UPS email to PayPal 4 times and the reps still wanted me to get the actual delivery address but would not ask the merchant to get it documented from UPS. After numerous attempts to escalate it through PayPal, today I was finally told the dispute was decided in my favor thank Goodness. Last night, before PayPal gave their decision, I filed a dispute directly with my credit card company and they said that they were getting a lot of dispute claims associated with PayPal purchases with similar scams (packages being sent with plastic utensils or plastic sunglasses instead of the actual purchased item). Thanks for this site to get the word out about this merchant and its scams.

  3. SCAMMERS I’ve been had. No response from business. If you now call the listed phone number (626)722-3781 there is a voicemail message stating “this is a private number if you are calling about purchase from online it is a scam, this is a private number do not call” I have now Googled the address and it doesn’t exist.

  4. STAY CLEAR OF THIS WEBSITE! I ordered a $68.00 product on 7-20-20. They claimed I would received a confirmation email upon completion of my order. That did not happen! Upon calling the listed phone number on the website it answered with a message repeating the phone number then please leave a message. Then a voice comes on saying the mailbox is full unable to leave a message(2nd red flag). I then emailed the company inquiring about my order and the lack of a confirmation email and asked if they were legit or a scam. To date no response!(3rd and final red flag for me. I will now call my bank and paypal to see what and how I can recover my money. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. Of course I can only relate my personal experience with this company and cannot speak for others.

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