NFTSEA Review – NFTSEA NS Token Airdrop Scam Or Genuine? Is NFTSEA The Future Of OpenSea? Doesn’t Seem To Be Legit

You must be here to find out NFTSEA is either real or fake, right? Well, we think it is just a waste of time.

You should know that whenever Bitcoin price starts to rise up, the cryptocurrency projects like NFTSEA starts to popup. Previously, most of these kinds of crypto projects had failed to keep their promises. So, we don’t see any future of these kinds of crypto projects. The only reason these crypto projects are launched to get as much money as they could from believers who invested their money into such projects. NFTSEA has lots of similarities with such projects, so it may not last for long.

NFTSEA complaints. NFTSEA fake or real? NFTSEA legit or fraud?

The reasons we put NFTSEA in our suspicious category:

Aforementioned, it has similarities with lots of failure crypto projects in the past.

As per WHOIS details, it is not even one year that its domain has been registered. And, when we check its website/domain on WayBackMachine, we found that the website “” is working online only from October 2021. This makes clear that it is completely new website. But, you can see that it has more than 150,000+ followers on Telegram. You should know that it is very difficult for any new crypto projects to get such numbers of followers within such a short period of time. That’s why we checked further by trying to interact the users on its Telegram but we didn’t get any answer there. So, it seems that most of those users are BOTs.

On Facebook and other social media platforms as well as on multiple reviews, we have found people have mentioned that it isn’t legit.

If you check the white paper of NFTSEA, you will find out that it has mentioned John Crain is the CEO of this project but it turns out this information is fake (Source:

Its NFTSEA (NS) tokens are useless in the relative market. So, we think you will be only wasting your time by inviting your friends and families to its website to get such tokens.

Final Verdict:

Aforementioned, now you know that NFTSEA is a very new and doubtful website that sells useless tokens and has similarities with multiple failure cryptocurrency projects. So, we don’t recommend it to you.

Please feel free to place your comments below to share what do you think about this crypto project and whether you have successfully withdraw NS tokens to your wallet or not. Your information will help other here to find out either it is a scam or legit.

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