Review: Kindred Hearts Scam or Legit?

Searching for the Kindred Hearts review to find out either it is trustworthy or not? Well, we have tried to provide you the real picture of this website in the simplest way we can in the KindredHeartsTeam review below. Just go through our Kindred Hearts Team review to find what is all about, whether a KindredHeartsTeam scam or genuine company.

KindredHeartsTeam complaints. Kindred Hearts Team fake or real? Kindred Hearts legit or fraud?

Kindred Hearts Team is not a legal company. It is offering a mix of Ponzi and Pyramid schemes, known as a Cash Gifting Scheme. Let’s find out why in brief below:

# KindredHeartsTeam is offering a huge return such as $800 from $100 investment (gift), $3200 from $400 regift, $8000 from $1000 regift, and $16000 from $2000 regift which seems quite higher for any business type. Money doesn’t come so easy. From their business model, it is clear that they are just playing with the money of members.

# We don’t say they won’t pay. They will pay at starting but later their system won’t have enough money to pay their all members since to pay $800 to one member who has invested $800, they should use the money invested by the other seven members. So, each time they pay $800 to one member, they create $700 debt into the system which will keep on increasing, and ultimately they will run out of money and the whole system will be collapsed. The one who joins this kind of scheme at first will make money but the majority of members who join the scheme later will lose money. This is why these kinds of schemes are illegal.

# Now, some of you may say what is the proof? Well, there were similar businesses in the past such as MMM Global, Zarfund, MMM Nigeria, FiveBuckx, Twinkas, BTCBuzz, MyBTCLife, WomenInMove, MyLifeChange247, and so on. Since we know the sites with this kind of business from a very long time, so we know what we are saying. You can just search the reviews of these sites then you will know how these kinds of sites were operated and why Kindred Hearts is an illegal scheme.

# On top of that, how even you can believe some company whose identity is unknown. There is no information about who and from where runs the KindredHeartsTeam website. Now you can guess yourself why the owner of this site doesn’t want to reveal his/her identiy.

# We want to make you aware that Cash Gifting Schemes like Kindred Hearts Team pay their first few members by routing the money among the members i.e. they pay one’s money to the other and the other’s money to the third one but they hardly make any investments to multiply their members’ money for the return. However, only a few people make money in Cash Gifting Schemes but the majority of people lose their money. So those who make money in Cash Gifting Schemes are the ones who get profit on the loss of other members who join after them, so it is like stealing money from other members to make money for yourself. So, Cash Gifting Schemes are declared as an illegal scheme by legal authorities as scamming innocent people is a major crime. And people shall be aware of such scammers who don’t care about anything but only the money. They use the payment proofs to attract more people in their bogus schemes. People also believe in such proof without doing any research and invest their hard-earned money in such Cash Gifting Schemes and later get cheated.

# In order to make money from Cash Gifting Schemes like Kindred Hearts Team, new members must join under you which makes it a Pyramid scheme. And Cash Gifting Schemes like KindredHeartsTeam pay you profit from the investment (gifts) of other members which makes it a Ponzi Scheme as well. So, Cash Gifting Scheme is the combination of two illegal schemes, so Cash Gifting Scheme is also known as Ponzi-Pyramid Hybrid.

# Those who think owners of these kinds of sites are just helping others and they are not making any money, you should think again. The owners of such sites are the ones who are at the top position in the Pyramid structure. They don’t reveal their name but you should know that the first 10-20 members who join these kinds of sites are the owners of these sites. And they keep on reinvesting by playing with your money (gift).

Our Final Verdict:

People these days are much eager to make easy money with lesser hard work and investment, thus seeking such way-outs where they can do so. But they mostly forget that there are so many scammers in the market who are looking for such people so as to trap them and earn money from them. Their business strategy is showing big dreams to them in terms of earnings and lifestyle. But instead of earning you will lose your hard-earned money, time, and your effort on such bogus schemes.

These scammers and their scam companies are more into the race to prove themselves genuine so as to deceit people but through our research and findings, we have observed that these companies always leave some loopholes which define them being a scam. There are thousands of Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes operating in the market and they have scammed millions of money from their affiliates.

Scammers of such companies knew that they are doing a criminal activity as it is crime to deceit people and some of them are also caught and punished by the legal authorities but still they are not hesitated to continue scamming people. People are also falling for such schemes and losing their money in the hope to get rich over the night. Now it’s high time that we shall know how to identify such scammers and how to stay away from them.

Considering all the above facts, we have concluded that KindredHeartsTeam is none other than one of the Ponzi-Pyramid Hybrid (Cash Gifting Scheme) and we do not recommend this fake site for your online business.

If you don’t believe us, then we suggest you to cross-verify by yourself to find out if it’s a scam or a legit company by contacting with the legal authorities in your country. We really hope now you understand our review on what KindredHeartsTeam is all about and feel free to share something more you know about this company in our comment section below by providing your own reviews.

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