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Is Hunsap Scam or Legitimate? Genuine? A Hunsap Review

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On this page, we will provide a detailed explanation of what Hunsap online store actually is. By reading the following Hunsap review, you can determine whether is a trustworthy company or a scam. Website Highlights:

  • Domain name:
  • Website name: Hunsap
  • Email:
  • Product Categories Available On Its Website: COLLECTIONS
  • Products Listed On Its Website: Urban Buttoned Solid Color Stand Collar Flared Sleeve Loose Midi Dress, Original Solid Color Lapel Shirt Dress, Original Solid Color Lapel Long Sleeves Midi Dress, Irregular High-Low Oversize Batwing Sleeve Shirt, Vintage Floral Round-Neck Dress, Urban Asymmetric One-Shoulder Long Sleeves T-Shirt Top, etc.
Hunsap a Scam or Legitimate Genuine Hunsap Review | De Reviews

Hunsap Review – Pros and Cons To Identify Either Is Hunsap Scam or Genuine:

We have provided below few facts about Hunsap, such as its pros and cons, either it has any complaints or not, etc. which will help you find out the reality of this website.


  • Website has incorporated SSL security.
  • The website provides a contact address, which can be found on its pages.
  • Its website name match with its domain name.

Cons (Drawbacks and Complaints):

  • At the time of this review, the contact phone number is conspicuously absent from prominent locations such as the “Contact Us,” “About Us,” and “Home” pages of the website. Additionally, it is not displayed at the bottom of the website, where contact information is commonly found.
  • Its parent company, FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED, has history of running multiple similar kinds of problematic sites, such as Sizeling, Xapowe, Lucky-ToadFankayLeuiasoShopWejvmTop, etc..
  • The website has listed a substantial number of products at heavily discounted rates, which raises suspicions due to the prevalence of scam sites offering similar discounts.
  • The website does not feature a social media icon, which is noteworthy as it is a common and expected element on most websites.
  • The design and content of the website closely resemble those of multiple problematic sites.
  • Lots of complaints can be found against similar kinds of sites.

Our Final Verdict:

Given the information provided, there are substantial reasons to conclude that Hunsap is a scam online store.

Comment For More Information:

We appreciate and recognize your acknowledgment of the potential limitations associated with the Hunsap website. Your insights, experiences, and any additional information are eagerly awaited and encouraged in the comment section below. By sharing your thoughts, you will contribute to expanding the discussion and fostering a more comprehensive evaluation of the website’s credibility and reliability. Your input holds significant value as it aids others in making well-informed decisions. Thank you for actively participating in the discussion; your engagement is highly valued.

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NOTE: These kinds of sites are found to be changing their website name as well as whole content of their website from time to time. So, the above review is based on the details provided on its website on aforementioned date. If you find any other details than what we have provided on this review later, then that means this online store has changed its details. However, that still makes it a suspicious site.


How to get your money back from scammers?

If you have made a purchase from a fraudulent online store, it is essential to take swift action. We strongly recommend contacting your bank or credit card company immediately and seeking their assistance in obtaining a refund. For PayPal payments, it is advisable to open a dispute through your PayPal account and reach out to their support team for guidance. It is crucial to provide a comprehensive account of the situation, including any relevant information and supporting evidence you may have. Acting promptly and following these steps will significantly increase the likelihood of receiving a refund and effectively resolving the issue with the fraudulent online store.

What to do if I get completely different item than what I purchase?

If you find yourself in a situation where you have received a product that is significantly cheaper or completely different from your original order, it is crucial to take certain steps. One important action is to obtain a copy of the tracking information from the post office, as it contains essential details such as the delivery address and item weight. In most cases, the weight of the received item is expected to be lower than that of the item you initially ordered. Sharing this information with your bank, credit card company, or PayPal can greatly assist in securing a refund. Many individuals who have provided such information to their financial institution or payment service provider have successfully obtained full refunds with their assistance. It is advisable to act promptly and provide all necessary evidence to support your case.

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