What is Gamiss? Is Gamiss a Scam? Gamiss Review

What is Gamiss.com? Gamiss.com review.

Gammis is an unreliable eCommerce website where people can shop the different kinds of products like home appliances, jewelry, watches, beauty products, accessories, clothes, bags, shoes and so on. People can also make money from Gamiss’s affiliate program ie. they can earn up to 20% of the sales volume by selling the goods from Gamiss to other people through their reference. For this, they have to join the website and be a member of Gamiss.

Gamiss clothing reviews. Gamiss legit or not? Gamiss.com scam or not?

Gamiss official site (Gamiss login link):- www.gamiss.com (Not recommended from our side)

Why do we say Gamiss.com an unreliable website? Is Gamiss.com a scam?

It’s because Gamiss is a website where people can be easily deceived on their purchases with the quality of the products or with counterfeit products, with their money as well as with Gamiss’s after-sales service. The products they advertise there are not exactly what they say or display but instead of that, they are of very poor quality and not what they advertise.

Another fact about this website is that the owner’s details and the address of the website from where they are operating the business are intentionally hidden as they have not disclosed such core information both in their official website as well as in WHOIS details. Gamiss delivers the goods from China, that’s all we know about Gamiss but from where and by whom, it’s all unknown.

If they are not scamming, then what may be the reason to hide their information from the public? And we know that the legit company never intend to hide their information from the people as they don’t have fear of anything.

Gamiss is an eCommerce website where money and products are dealt and general people are connected to them, thus this kind of website must reveal every possible information about them to the people because we think it’s very important that people who are purchasing goods from them must know the website’s details before doing any trading.

However, people cannot get the customer support from the concerned person in the case of any alteration in their purchase. Whether it is about the nondelivery of goods or about the shipment, refund of money, quality of goods or about anything else, people who purchase the things are not able to contact them in many cases. You can find lots and lots of Gamiss complaints about such issues in the different forums. Most of the people who deal once with this company do not prefer to purchase goods next time from them.

What do we say finally?

We do not recommend you to do any purchase from such websites which hide their information from us, have lots of complaints from the people and most importantly which have not any proven track record in products quality, customers care, delivery service and so on. And another point is that there are other lots of legit eCommerce websites to shop goods.

We also don’t recommend you to join their affiliate program and promote their products because the core elements of the eCommerce business are the quality of products, refund policy, customer care and support system which are lacking in the case of Gamiss. Though you will make some money, later you will ruin your image by getting involved with them and selling their undefined low-quality products. And do you think this kind of company can make a good reputation in the online business industry? Well, obviously not unless they start to mitigate those problems.

So, considering the present scenario of Gamiss, we don’t recommend it and have listed it within our Suspicious sites category.

So, now you are clear about what is Gamiss, either is a Gamiss scam or not through our Gamiss.com review as above. However, if you still have some more information to share, then you can provide your own “Gamiss Reviews” or report something about Gamiss by using the comment section below.

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