Is CoinReum Scam? CoinReum Review.

What is Coin Reum? Is Coin Reum scam or legit company? is completely a Ponzi scheme combined with Pyramid scheme. It means the company is not operating legally and all their schemes are just bogus. Both of their business strategies, Ponzi and Pyramid are illegal. And we have already seen all of these kinds of companies cannot sustain for long-term in the market.

What offers to pay?

If you look into their website, you can find that is offering daily, weekly and monthly plans in which they claim to pay 3.2% daily rate of return for 50 days i.e. total return 160%, or 25% weekly rate of return for 10 weeks i.e. total return 250% or 115% monthly rate of return for 3 months i.e. total return 345% on their affiliates’ investment.

Why is CoinReum a scam company? is registered without revealing any real information about their owner and website address in both the places, their official website as well as in WHOIS details. What they have provided is only the name of the representatives in their website. These representatives are not the owner but the members of the companies who are there to increase the number of their referrals through their affiliate links. So, if this company is really operating legally, then why they are hiding the basic information with us? It’s because either they have some linkage with scamming cases in the past or they are intended to scam people.

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Well as we have already mentioned that this company is practicing illegal schemes, they do not have any real product to sell and they also do not have any real source of income to generate revenue. Besides that, they are offering a huge return to their affiliates which seems attractive but the fact is they can offer any higher rate if they don’t have any intention to pay their all affiliates.

Another fake claim they are making is that they are investment company generating revenue from cryptocurrency trading. But the question is how they can pay so much return with just cryptocurrency trading if there is no as such regular high-profit margin in any cryptocurrency trading (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash etc.) as this company says. Actually, this company is also applying the same Ponzi business strategy as other similar types of websites do i.e. just routing their members’ invested money among themselves, paying ones’ money to others and nothing else.

Besides, if this company can really generate so much profit and can offer so high rate of return to the affiliates, then why they are not going with much cheaper cost funds available in the market? They can take a loan from the banks or any investment companies because if their business is so much profitable, then any banks or investment companies are willing to invest in such a beneficial business with a competitive interest rate. Or if they are genuine, they can use their credit card facility or personal loan for their trading business. We don’t see any necessity to collect high-cost funds from so many people for their business. is also a Pyramid scheme which offers 5 level compensation system i.e. up to five level downlines referral commission as similar to MLM companies, but not by selling any real products or services like in legit MLM companies, instead just by selling their ROI Ponzi schemes, which is an illegal business practice, known as a Pyramid scheme.

What is our final verdict?

Considering all the above evidence, we are pretty much sure that is an illegal scheme, thus we have categorized under our “Scams” category and do not recommend you for your online work.

So, now you are clear what is CoinReum through our review as above. However, if you still have some more information to share, then you can provide your own CoinReum reviews or report something about CoinReum by using the comment section below.

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